Save Money This Summer With Landscape Irrigation Services

August 21, 2019

Fall is just around the corner, but folks in Delaware still have a while to go before things cool down. With the weather still on the warm side, your yard’s evapotranspiration rates can be fairly high — in other words,… Read More

Underground Irrigation Systems: 3 Ways to Prevent Lawn Damage During Installation

August 15, 2019

Have you been considering installing an underground irrigation system? Many homeowners who do not have underground sprinkler systems are hesitant to install new systems for fear of destroying their lawn. They often conjure up mental images of grass and dirt… Read More

3 Residential Irrigation Maintenance Tips

August 6, 2019

As we enter the last months of summer, think back. Have you taken good care of your yard this summer? Have you seen dead patches of grass, puddles of water, or not-quite-broken-but-not-quite-right sprinkler heads? Don’t worry, there is still plenty… Read More

3 Reasons to Choose Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting

July 31, 2019

Installing landscape lighting can boost your home’s value and make your outdoor spaces more enjoyable, but creating a lighting design and choosing fixtures can be a daunting prospect. Luckily, the professionals at Sposato Irrigation are happy to help. Low-voltage outdoor… Read More

3 Eco-Friendly Commercial Irrigation Services

July 24, 2019

Landscaping a commercial property can take a lot of work, money, energy, and water. While having lush plants, sturdy trees, or a sprawling lawn can add value to your commercial property, it can also have an impact on your business’s… Read More

How a Lawn Sprinkler System Can Increase Your Home’s Value

July 17, 2019

When people think of home improvement for the purpose of increasing property value, they often think of remodeling the kitchen, painting the exterior, or replacing windows. While it might not come to mind first, installing a lawn sprinkler system can… Read More

LED Outdoor Lighting for Safety and Home Security

July 10, 2019

We’ve just passed the summer solstice, which means that it is going to start getting dark earlier. Outdoor lighting can make your home and yard look great, but it can also serve a few important safety and security functions to… Read More

Smart Irrigation Controllers: Bringing Irrigation into the 21st Century

July 3, 2019

Last week we talked about basic irrigation controllers: how they work, what your basic options are, and what to consider when you are researching them. This week, we’re bringing irrigation into the 21st century. That’s right, we’re talking about smart… Read More

Irrigation Controllers: What You Need to Know

June 27, 2019

If you are looking into installing an irrigation system in your yard, you have many decisions to make. You need to figure out what area you need to water, what type of irrigation system to use, how often to water,… Read More

4 Landscape Lighting Maintenance Tips to Make Your Yard Shine

June 20, 2019

When the sun goes down and the summer heat becomes more bearable, many homeowners rely on their landscape lighting to transform their yards into spaces for entertaining, relaxing, and having a good time. Whether you have a brand new lighting… Read More