Designing Outdoor Sound Systems for Performance and Longevity

January 15, 2021

Delawareans are still firmly in the icy grasp of winter, but that’s not stopping some ambitious homeowners from looking forward to the warmer months. Now is an excellent time to invest in outdoor sound systems, landscape lighting, and irrigation installation… Read More

Water Efficiently and Effectively by Investing in Commercial Irrigation Maintenance Services

January 8, 2021

Facility maintenance is an essential part of business ownership and management, but some aspects require specialized knowledge and skills. Your facility’s landscape relies upon a hardworking, often-unseen network of pipes, valves, and pumps: a commercial irrigation system. Investing in commercial… Read More

Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Underground Irrigation Systems in Early Spring

December 28, 2020

It may seem unnecessary to think about spring landscaping plans when we’re still in the middle of winter, but thinking ahead is precisely what Delawareans should do when it comes to installing underground irrigation systems. Thorough planning is key, and… Read More

Put Your Property’s Best Foot Forward in 2021 With Landscape Lighting Repair

December 21, 2020

Cultures worldwide have New Year’s traditions that involve looking great while ringing in the new year; wearing spiffy new outfits, enjoying new toys, and looking one’s best are central themes in all kinds of New Year’s celebrations. It only makes… Read More

Winterizing Smart Irrigation Systems: 3 Steps for Success

December 14, 2020

Winter Storm Gail has hit parts of the East Coast hard, with some places seeing a foot or more of snow accumulation. Gail is notable for its severity, but Delawareans will likely see other smaller storms throughout the season. Storms… Read More

Perks of Working With an Experienced Outdoor Lighting Contractor

December 7, 2020

As winter drags on, the days keep getting shorter and shorter. With so much of each day occurring in darkness, it just makes sense to have your property outfitted with a well-designed outdoor lighting system. However, lighting installation isn’t as… Read More

Downspouts and More: How Lawn Irrigation Professionals Can Improve Drainage

November 30, 2020

Unless your home has a known problem, you might not think much about improving your property’s drainage. Seeing a small bit of standing water on your lawn or patio after a light rain might not seem unusual, but it can… Read More

The Price of Skipping Your Irrigation System Blowout

November 20, 2020

Temperatures in Delaware continue to plummet, thrusting all of us firmly into the season for hot cider, sweaters, and fuzzy socks. While you stay warm and toasty indoors, your irrigation system remains exposed to the elements. Have you made sure… Read More

Illuminate Your Deck, Patio, or Garden With Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting

November 13, 2020

Now that daylight savings time has passed, the days are getting shorter and the nights are starting earlier. Is your property safe, beautiful, and secure after dark? Low-voltage outdoor lighting systems are an excellent option for home and business owners… Read More

Residential Irrigation Maintenance: Are Your Downspouts Effective?

November 6, 2020

Your gutter system is essential in terms of redirecting excess precipitation from your home. Gutters collect rainwater and snowmelt from your roof, and downspouts and drains ensure that this moisture is redirected to an appropriate spot. Things like gutter cleaning… Read More