Irrigation Design & Installation

Bountiful blooms in the spring. A beautiful lawn in the summer. Wondering what secret your neighbors know? Sposato Irrigation. We are a household name in irrigation system design and installation and the preferred partner of countless Delmarva homeowners, communities, and businesses.

The Irrigation System Design & Installation Process

Watering your lawn by hand wastes water and time, and leads to a landscape that is often over- or under-watered. By partnering with a professional irrigation system design team like Sposato Irrigation, your yard or commercial property will be properly irrigated without a sky-high water bill.

First, we will visit your site to assess the property and landscape, along with learning more about your unique irrigation needs. We will also measure your property and speak with you about your goals and budget. Next, our irrigation professionals will develop a customized design proposal. Once you approve the proposal, pay the deposit, the installation date will be set.

For the average residential installation system, it takes 2-3 days to complete the installation process. Once the installation process has been completed, we will walk through your new system with you and ensure you understand how to operate the controller.

Elements of Your New Irrigation System

  • Individual Lawn Zones: Targeted areas of your landscape that need different amounts of moisture. Some parts of your landscape are in full sun, while others are in full shade. Each zone needs a customized irrigation solution to ensure proper nourishment and growth.
  • Planting Bed Zones: Are you an avid gardener? Did you invest in quality landscaping this year? Protect the time and effort you put into maintaining such gorgeous planting beds with dedicated zones for every type of planting in your yard.
  • Controllers: Manage your entire yard’s irrigation system with the click of a button using a controller or smart controller. We will walk you through using your controller and calibrate the entire system for optimum performance.
  • Rainfall Sensors: To avoid making your landscape too wet, use rainfall sensors to detect moisture levels and adjust the watering schedule accordingly—without you ever needing to touch a button!

Did You Know? Irrigation Facts

  • An automatic irrigation system can reduce the amount of water you use to water your lawn, shrubs, and landscape. An irrigation system that is professionally designed by Sposato will be timed and calibrated to not waste water.
  • When you do not have a professionally-designed irrigation system, over 50% of residential irrigation water is lost due to run-off, overwatering, evaporation, and poor maintenance.
  • Weather-based irrigation controllers can reduce water consumption by 20% compared to conventional systems, which would save over 24 billion gallons of water every year across the country.


Irrigation Design & Installation from Sposato Irrigation

Sposato Irrigation is uniquely positioned to offer excellent, cost-effective, and reliable irrigation and lighting services to residential and commercial properties. Thanks to our skill, passion for innovation, and decades of professional experience, we can meet the needs of both large communities and small residential properties. Our service areas include Bethany Beach, Lewes, Milton, and Sussex County. To learn more about our irrigation system shut down services, outdoor lighting installation, and commercial irrigation installation services, contact us today. Be sure to visit our sister company website to see how Sposato Landscape can transform your commercial property.