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New Irrigation Installations

The formula for lush green lawns and thriving landscapes in Delmarva differs greatly from most other areas – the key issue here is water! Providing that key element is what we are all about at Sposato Irrigation!

Without regular water, bare spots develop in a lawn which quickly become a target for a host of weeds and invasive grasses. Proof is easy to see in most any subdivision during the summer. One thing is for certain, a front yard going native is not a pretty sight.

Unfortunately, many of the builders in the area do not offer irrigation systems as a part of their new home package. The fact remains that a new lawn requires the application of water several times a day mid-summer to become established initially. Few new homeowners imagine the labor this takes, and sad but true, many lose their new lawn to the forces of nature within the first year.

The solution of course, is an automatic irrigation system. With a rock solid 20+ year history in the area, Sposato Irrigation has been providing automatic irrigation systems that last for years. Our water saving irrigation designs and state of the art components provide the right amount of water, to the right place at the right time. Add to that, our installation techniques which minimize disturbance to existing lawns and the fact we maintain over 1,500 irrigation systems in the area. With all this in mind, is there any wonder then why Sposato Irrigation has been a leader in Delmarva for so many years?

We are happy to report lately, our beach communities are becoming home to many new to retirement! We would like to say that Sposato Irrigation would be very happy to take a very large chore off that new “to do” list giving you more time to enjoy the great lifestyle we have here! There too, is the comfort that if you are not able to water, our systems do it for you, year after year!

About to purchase a second home by the beach? Not going to be there to regularly water? The importance of this is critical to keeping your lawn alive and thriving. Let it be known again, a Sposato Irrigation system will water – when you aren’t there to do it!

These are just a few reasons why, in our area, a new irrigation system is such a vital investment. We are happy to visit and yes, our estimates have always been free! Reach out today! We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Irrigation Design & Installation from Sposato Irrigation

Sposato Irrigation is uniquely positioned to offer excellent, cost-effective, and reliable irrigation and lighting services to residential and commercial properties. Thanks to our skill, passion for innovation, and decades of professional experience, we can meet the needs of both large communities and small residential properties. Our service areas include Bethany Beach, Lewes, Milton, and Sussex County. To learn more about our irrigation system shut down services, outdoor lighting installation, and commercial irrigation installation services, contact us today. Be sure to visit our sister company website to see how Sposato Landscape can transform your commercial property.