Residential Irrigation Repair & Maintenance

Every beautiful lawn and stunning landscape in neighborhoods throughout the country have one thing in common—proper irrigation repair and maintenance. Our tiered service plans meet the needs of every residential customer, whether you’re maintaining a manicured lawn or irrigating a massive property with specific requirements.

Residential Irrigation Repair

While all of our irrigation systems are built to last, every irrigation system will inevitably need repairs as a result of wear and tear or damage. Thanks to the depth of experience of our staff members, we are expert troubleshooters and can find both common problems and one-of-a-kind issues in systems designed by Sposato or anyone else. We take serving our customers very seriously, which is why we have 8 dedicated service vehicles on the road every day during peak periods. All of our platinum and gold maintenance plan customers will not be charged a service call fee for repairs, which is just another way we take care of our most valued customers.

Residential Irrigation Maintenance

Sposato Irrigation is a team dedicated to irrigation and experts in our trade. We are not landscape guys who dabble with sprinklers, the mowing crew foreman or your overly helpful neighbor!

At Sposato Irrigation knowledge is power, and in that we are a powerhouse of knowledge when we are talking about irrigation! What this means to you is we can get on to a site, identify an issue, and resolve it quickly without racking up hours bumbling around on your tab.

We keep our team of experts consistently at the top of our trade, consistently training with them several times a year on new components, testing equipment, maintenance and water conservation techniques.

How about this one? You will have one dedicated technician! We have found over the years this to be such a solid formula for success. Your technician will become completely familiar with the idiosyncrasies of your irrigation system, monitoring weak areas, making repairs and as the system ages, suggesting improvements based on that knowledge.

Have a real emergency? We are on it! Sposato irrigation has technicians on call 24/7 and while the rate is understandably higher than our regular rates we will get there and get that system shut down for you sooner rather than later.

Just a few of the many reasons we currently serve over 1,700 Irrigation systems in the DelMarva area.

Want more? Many of our retirees and beach homeowners appreciate our automated approach to our winterizations, startups and inspections. Simply sign up and you no longer have to keep track of these. Rest assured we have you on our schedule already and no longer need worry about these critical time sensitive operations.

Reach out to us today about Sposato irrigation’s maintenance program!


Maintenance Contract


Spring Start-Up

In early spring, Sposato Irrigation will visit your property to:

  • Re-introduce water into the mainline
  • Inspect the irrigation system for mainline, lateral, and valve leaks
  • Check all heads for proper operation
  • Complete any head adjustments
  • Inspect controller for defects
  • Replace controller batteries
  • Program controller for spring operation


In the late autumn, Sposato Irrigation will visit your home to:

  • Purge the irrigation system using compressed air in the main and lateral lines
  • Close down all supply valves
  • Set controller for a temporary shutdown

Summer Inspections

Over the course of the summer, depending on your choice of irrigation maintenance plans, Sposato Irrigation will visit your property to:

  • Review all irrigation components for proper operation
  • Adjust all heads for proper throw and coverage
  • Clean all nozzles not operating properly
  • Adjust controllers to fit seasonal conditions

Irrigation Maintenance Plans

Sposato Irrigation offers a comprehensive range of irrigation service plans designed to meet the needs of homeowners throughout Sussex County, Rehoboth Beach, Bethany Beach, and beyond. Our four programs are designed to keep your entire irrigation system functioning at peak efficiency and prevent costly repairs down the road.

Platinum Program

  • Spring Start-Up (Early Spring)
  • Winterization (Late Autumn)
  • 5 Summer Inspections
    • Each includes an inspection report
    • 25% discount on materials for repairs
    • No service call fee for routine repairs

Silver Program

  • Spring Start-Up (Early Spring)
  • Winterization (Late Autumn)
  • 1 Mid-Summer Inspection
    • Inspection report provided
    • 10% discount on materials for repairs

Gold Program

  • Spring Start-Up (Early Spring)
  • Winterization (Late Autumn)
  • 3 Summer Inspections
    • Each includes an inspection report
    • 20% discount on materials for repairs
    • No service call fee for routine repairs

Bronze Program

  • Spring Start-Up (Early Spring)
  • Winterization (Late Autumn)

Choose Sposato Irrigation

Sposato Irrigation is uniquely positioned to offer high-quality, affordable, and reliable irrigation services to homeowners and business owners. Thanks to our expertise, innovation and decades of professional experience, we can meet the needs of large properties and small garden​s. Be sure to visit our sister company, Sposato Landscape a full service landscape company that can handle every stage of the landscape design, install and maintenance process. ​​​To learn more about our irrigation installation, LED landscape lighting, and commercial irrigation maintenance services, contact us today. Be sure to visit our sister company website to see how Sposato Landscape can transform your commercial property.