Landscape Drainage

As part of our suite of outdoor irrigation, outdoor lighting and outdoor landscape solutions, Sposato Irrigation offers a variety of landscape drainage options. We install, maintain, and repair numerous types of landscape drainage and can work with you to find the right solution for your yard.

Drainage Solutions

Our drainage solutions include french drains, piped downspouts, and buried downspouts. Each solution is carefully chosen and customized to meet the nuances of your property. Managing excess water is critical to preserving the beauty of your landscape and stopping your property from becoming a muddy mess.

French Drains

French drains are a popular and flexible solution for drainage problems. These drains are made from perforated pipes that will collect and divert the rainwater far away from your home and property. Your french drain will be fully wrapped, covered with gravel, and topped with sod or beautiful decorative stone by our landscape department.

Downspout Piping and Burial

Many landscape drainage problems are caused as a result of runoff from your roof. By burying the downspouts in your property, water will be safely transported away from your yard and foundation.

Rain Gardens

Do you want a creative way to manage your drainage issues? A rain garden, installed by our landscape department, can collect the runoff from driveways, paved portions, hardscaping, roofs, and downspouts. Rain gardens are shallow pond-like pools in your yard that both collect water and display beautiful plantings. They do not hold water on a daily basis, but collect excess water after a storm and then revert to traditional gardens after the soil absorbs the moisture.

Did You Know? Signs That You Have a Drainage Problem

  • Your downspouts are dumping a large amount of water too close to your foundation.
  • Your basement is flooding after rain.
  • Your foundation walls are cracking due to the extra pressure that water in the soil.
  • Your basement walls have spots of white or gray deposits on them. These are leftover mineral deposits from evaporated water.
  • Your landscape has puddles after rain.
  • After a storm, your mulch and topsoil end up all over the yard and road.
  • Your grass struggles to grow.
  • The area immediately surrounding your foundation is sunken.


Landscape Drainage Solutions from Sposato Irrigation

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