Large Community Irrigation Repair & Maintenance

The residents trust their Homeowners Association and management company to keep the turf and grounds of the community in excellent condition. Every stunning large community landscape has one thing at its core—a quality, customized irrigation system that is regularly maintained. Sposato Irrigation designs and installs the irrigation systems keeping countless communities around the Delaware area beautiful, and we can do the same for yours.

Community Irrigation Repair

If your irrigation system isn’t performing properly, whether it’s the result of a damaged sprinkler head or a leak in a pipe, Sposato Irrigation can pinpoint the problem and make the necessary repairs. Our decades of experience have given our team members the ability to troubleshoot a wide range of irrigation system problems in our systems and systems designed by other companies. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we go above and beyond to make all repairs as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Community Irrigation Maintenance

Without the right maintenance, even the most well designed irrigation systems will use water inefficiently and fall into disrepair. Regular and preventative maintenance are critical to optimize the performance of your community irrigation system and to ensure long-term performance. Our maintenance inspections include comprehensive inspections of each component of your irrigation system to make sure that everything is working properly. From single-visit inspections to long-term, detailed maintenance plans, Sposato Irrigation can meet all of your irrigation needs.

Spring Start-Up
In early spring, Sposato Irrigation will visit your community to:

  • Re-introduce water into the mainline
  • Inspect the entire irrigation system for mainline, lateral, and valve leaks
  • Check all sprinkler heads for proper operation
  • Complete any sprinkler head adjustments
  • Inspect controller for defects
  • Program controller for spring operation
In the late autumn, Sposato Irrigation will visit your community to:

  • Purge the irrigation system using compressed air in the main and lateral lines
  • Close down all supply valves
  • Set controller for a temporary shutdown
  • Prepare all exposed backflow preventers, wells and pump stations for the freezing temperatures of winter.

Summer Inspections
Over the course of the season, Sposato Irrigation will visit your community to:

  • Review all irrigation components for proper operation with prevention in mind
  • Adjust heads for proper throw and coverage
  • Clean all nozzles not operating properly
  • Adjust controllers to fit seasonal conditions
  • Review and address any homeowner concerns sent to property manager


Large Community Irrigation Repair & Maintenance from Sposato Irrigation

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