3 Lawn Irrigation Tips for Healthy Grass sposato irrigation

3 Lawn Irrigation Tips for Healthy Grass

3 Lawn Irrigation Tips for Healthy Grass sposato irrigation

No matter how much rain your lawn gets, some essential irrigation techniques will help irrigate your lawn effectively and keep your grass healthy.

Once your lawn is green, healthy, and lush, it is important to remember the amount and frequency of watering will depend on the depth of soil under your turf. No matter how much rain your lawn gets and its ability to retain water, some essential irrigation techniques will help you irrigate your lawn effectively and keep your grass healthy. Many people do not understand that overwatering is unnecessary, can harm their lawn, increase water bills and waste a precious resource. Homeowners can limit water use and keep their grass and plants healthy by learning these tips. Keep reading to learn more.

Water Deeply, but Less Frequently

Watering your lawn deeply but infrequently encourages deep root development – increasing your lawn’s ability to retain water and improving the overall health of each grass plant. A good rule of thumb is to water no more than one inch each time your water. It is also beneficial to dry out your lawn between irrigation sessions, which can reduce the chance of your lawn developing a fungal or microbial disease, most of which thrive when the soil is kept moist for long periods. Even in the hottest summer months, a regular deep watering twice a week is recommended to encourage solid, healthy root systems. 

Water at the Right Time

It is best to water your lawn in the early morning hours, between 5 am, and 10 am. If you wait to water during the hottest time of the day, you could lose up to a third of the water to evaporation, and your lawn will suffer from dehydration. Watering at the end of the day is also not recommended, since moisture added to a lawn that is still warm can cause mold or disease problems.

Test Your Irrigation System

Morning watering is best accomplished with an in-ground sprinkler system. It is recommended to test residential irrigation systems at least once a season. Identifying and repairing leaky heads, cracks, or misaligned sprinklers can lead to more efficient water usage and a healthier lawn. You should also observe how your sprinkler system disperses water. Are there gaps between the sprinkler heads? Or is there too much overlap of sprinkler heads? Do some areas get overly saturated while others remain dry? Your irrigation system may need an adjustment. Reach out to the specialists here at Sposato Irrigation to help with the ins and outs of your irrigation system.

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