Overwatering your property can negatively impact the growth of your garden.

Am I Overwatering My Property?

Overwatering your property can negatively impact the growth of your garden.

Overwatering your property can negatively impact the growth of your lawn or garden.

Water and sunlight are crucial to the health and beauty of your lawn, but too much of a good thing can negatively impact the growth of your garden. When it comes to promoting healthy growth in your landscape and preventing issues with wilting, weeds, or even mold, overwatering can be just as much of an issue as underwatering. There are a few rules of thumb you can keep in mind to prevent overwatering and make sure your landscape thrives throughout the growing season. Here are our tips to help you determine if you are overwatering your property.

Rotting Roots

Some property owners may not think of overwatering as a big deal. After all, plants need water anyway, so there’s no harm done in extra watering, right? Actually, too much water causes the soil to become oversaturated, which can have a big impact on the health of plant roots. When the air pockets in the soil are filled with water, it can essentially drown the roots of your garden, shrubs, and grass. This makes them susceptible to diseases and prevents them from freely growing healthy and strong. Healthy plant roots are light in color and stiff, but when a root has been overwatered it will be brown and slimy. Sometimes, plants can recover from overwatering, but if the roots have been too oversaturated, you may need to start over.


You may be familiar with plants wilting when they haven’t been watered enough, but they may also wilt when overwatered. This type of wilting will look different, appearing soft or limp rather than dry. When the soil is oversaturated for long enough, the wilting leaves may turn yellow or even brown before falling off. Efficient irrigation can help you monitor the moisture content in your landscape and help to prevent wilting.

Mold Growth

A common lawn care problem in the spring is snow mold, which is a mold that forms from the moisture retained in your landscape during winter. As the snow melts, you may notice mold that can usually be taken care of with raking and plenty of sunshine. But if your lawn is overwatered, this mold can grow any time of year and even begin to impact other plants in your landscaping. Automated sprinkler systems can help keep your lawn watering schedule consistent to prevent this type of damage from affecting your lawn, shrubbery, and gardens.

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