Avoid These Mistakes When Installing a Drip Irrigation System sposato irrigation

Avoid These Mistakes When Installing a Drip Irrigation System

Avoid These Mistakes When Installing a Drip Irrigation System sposato irrigation

Let’s discuss a few of these common mistakes and how to avoid them when installing a new drip irrigation system.

Drip irrigation is a popular method of watering landscapes in Delaware, and for good reason. Drip irrigation systems are designed to transport water to the base of your plants, preventing wasted water and ensuring healthy, happy plants. However, there are a few common mistakes that homeowners make when installing drip irrigation systems that can set a garden up for failure rather than success. In this week’s blog, we discuss a few of these common mistakes and how to avoid them when installing a new drip irrigation system in Delaware.

Trying to Do It Yourself

It is essential to hire a seasoned professional when undertaking any significant landscaping project, but this is particularly true for irrigation system installation. Not only can shoddy work result in an ineffective irrigation system, but it can also have serious negative consequences for your water usage, local water quality, and more. A leak in your lines can result in water damage to your property, and things like backflow preventers are necessary to prevent backflow into the municipal water supply. Hiring knowledgeable professionals at Sposato Irrigation can help you ensure that your irrigation system installation goes smoothly, safely, and efficiently.

Installing Drip Irrigation Systems Where They May Not Be Useful

When installing a new drip irrigation system, design the layout to fit your landscape. Not every plant or environment responds well to drip irrigation. While drip irrigation is excellent for watering individual trees or shrubs, it can be challenging to water large areas of things like grass that have widespread roots. If you have a yard with a variety of plants and would like to use drip irrigation, it might be a better idea to utilize sprinklers for your grass and save drip irrigation for your trees, shrubs, and flower beds. The irrigation experts at Sposato Irrigation can help you design and install the perfect system for your yard.

Not Inspecting or Maintaining Your System

The work does not end once your irrigation system is installed. Routine inspection and maintenance are vital to the continued performance and long lifespan of your system. Emitters used in drip irrigation systems can sometimes clog, lines can leak or break, and winterization is essential for properties in Delaware. Fortunately, Sposato Irrigation offers a variety of irrigation maintenance plans to help keep your system running smoothly.

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