Benefits of an Automated Irrigation System sposato irrigation

Benefits of an Automated Irrigation System

Benefits of an Automated Irrigation System sposato irrigation

Here are some ways that an automated irrigation system can improve your landscaping and lifestyle.

If you’re still watering your lawn and gardens with the hose the old-fashioned way, you’re likely using more water than you need to and spending much more time on maintenance than you need to. Automatic irrigation allows water flow to start and stop or be directed to different areas without requiring manual effort. While irrigation is vital to farming, automatic irrigation benefits farmers and other landowners. Here are some ways that an automated irrigation system can improve your landscaping and lifestyle.

Decrease Water Costs

Most homeowners know that the summer increases water consumption because we fill pools and other water toys and maintain gardens and landscaping through the summer heat. An automated sprinkler system can do wonders for your water bills, at least as far as the watering is concerned. Professionally installed sprinkler systems ensure that water is distributed evenly over the whole yard and that only the areas that need to be watered get watered. After all, your sidewalk doesn’t need a daily dose of water, but with traditional sprinklers, it often gets it. Finally, automated sprinkler systems ensure your lawn and garden are watered at the ideal daily time. Watering in the middle of the day results in a lot of the water evaporating, so it’s better to water early in the morning or later in the evening. If you oversleep, you might miss the opportunity to water at the best time, but your automated system will have you covered.

Improve Lawn Health

When the automated system distributes the water evenly, it ensures that no area gets more or less water than it needs. This saves your lawn and garden from the damaging effects of too little or too much water. You can achieve this with a hose if you’re careful, but it takes a lot of time and effort you may not have to devote to it.

Increase Home Value

Many homebuyers today are looking for special amenities, like irrigation systems. Most new homebuyers are already spending most of their days working to pay for their mortgages. They won’t want to fit in hours of their time maintaining the beautiful landscaping you did to improve your home’s curb appeal. An automated sprinkler system can ease the concern of having to devote hours to maintenance. Installing an automated irrigation system can increase the value of your home by improving the look of your landscaping and by making the property more appealing to potential buyers.

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