Best Practices for Residential Irrigation Maintenance

Best Practices for Residential Irrigation Maintenance

Best Practices for Residential Irrigation Maintenance

Keep your garden looking stunning by following these best practices for residential irrigation maintenance.

Maintaining any part of your home or landscape can be a challenge, and residential irrigation maintenance is no exception. There are many pipes, valves, heads, and timers that must be kept in tip-top shape so that your garden can look lush and healthy, and staying on top of these maintenance concerns can be difficult for homeowners to handle. Reach out to the team at Sposato Irrigation today to learn more about our maintenance plans, and keep these residential irrigation maintenance best practices in mind for your property.

Adjust Your Timer Throughout the Year

One of the most effective ways to water your property efficiently and minimize wasted water is to adjust your irrigation timer when the seasons change. Sunrise and sunset times vary throughout the year, and your watering routine should change with them. You should also account for winter dormancy and the spring and summer growth periods. Your plants will likely need much more water in the warmer months than they will during the winter, and you need to adjust your watering schedule to account for that.

Check for Damaged Components and Replace Them Promptly

Finding malfunctioning or damaged components is crucial, and the faster you find them, the better. Sprinkler heads and drip emitters can become damaged by lawnmowers, animals, or the freeze-thaw cycle. They can also become clogged by dirt. Regular inspection is essential to finding these issues and addressing them early on. When broken components are left unnoticed, they can lead to ineffective watering, water damage, and a high water bill.

Keep an Eye Out for Excess Water

As a homeowner, a key part of residential irrigation maintenance is keeping an eye out for unusual stagnant water or muddy terrain on your property. Puddles in your yard can be indicative of a broken pipe or sprinkler head, and catching these issues early can save you time and money when making repairs.

Hire a Professional for Residential Irrigation Maintenance

The best way to keep your irrigation system running at its best is to hire a professional for residential irrigation maintenance. The experts at Sposato Irrigation are proud to offer a variety of irrigation maintenance plans designed specifically for Delaware homeowners. Reach out to our team today to learn more!

Choose Sposato Irrigation

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