Fall Landscape Lighting Maintenance Tips sposato irrigation

Fall Landscape Lighting Maintenance Tips

Fall Landscape Lighting Maintenance Tips sposato irrigation

Follow these landscape lighting maintenance tips to keep your property bright well into the fall and winter.

Autumn is a time when home and business owners buckle down and focus on their facility preparations, getting ready for the cold weather that winter will bring. Residential and commercial properties alike should look their best at any time of night, year-round. Follow these landscape lighting maintenance tips to keep your property bright well into the fall and winter, and don’t forget to contact the experts at Sposato Irrigation for all of your landscape lighting needs!

Adjust Timers and Brightness

Like irrigation systems, outdoor lighting systems have different requirements in the fall and winter months. Shorter days — and, more specifically, earlier sunsets and later sunrises — mean that lighting timers and controllers must be adjusted to match the changes in daylight. A property’s need for brightness will likely change, as well. Many trees and bushes lose their leaves during the fall and winter, and barren branches need much less light than those full of foliage. Decreasing some fixtures’ brightness is a common strategy that outdoor lighting experts employ to handle seasonal changes.

Clean Fixtures and Bury Wires

While toning down a fixture’s brightness may be on the agenda, a dirty or cloudy bulb is never the answer. Landscape lighting maintenance routines should include cleaning fixtures (and some hardware and connections) to ensure that dirt, grit, and hard water buildup do not hinder a system’s ability to shine. Some landscape lighting maintenance professionals may also have to bury exposed wires. Many systems utilize underground cables but can slowly become unearthed over time. Burying these lines can help keep a system safe and effective.

Hire a Professional for Routine Landscape Lighting Maintenance and Repair

Hiring a professional is one of the most effective ways to stay on top of landscape lighting maintenance. Preventative maintenance, inspections, and repair can be a bit much for any home or business owner to manage. Working with the experts at Sposato Irrigation gives property owners all of the benefits of a well-designed and well-maintained landscape lighting system without the hassle. Our professionals have the knowledge and tools necessary to address any landscape lighting maintenance needs that come their way.

Choose Sposato Irrigation

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