How Contractors Install Underground Irrigation Systems

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Discover how underground irrigation systems are installed.

If you’re considering installing an underground irrigation system, now is a great time to take the first steps. Fall is often the best time of year to start these projects, but many homeowners are totally clueless about the work that goes into underground irrigation system installation. Creating a new sprinkler system from the ground up can be a complicated process, but hiring a team of experienced professionals to do the job makes it easy. Keep reading to learn about the steps your contractor may take to install underground irrigation systems.

Underground Irrigation Systems Start with Plans and Measurements

As with any home improvement project, installing underground irrigation systems starts by taking detailed measurements and developing a thorough plan. Contractors and their clients typically discuss the property’s needs and potential challenges, hammering out complications and making decisions throughout the process. 

Contractors Assemble Supplies and Get Through Red Tape

Contractors must assemble all of the materials and tools they’ll need to complete the job. This can include things like PVC or poly pipes, fittings, shovels, trenchers, backflow preventers, and marking implements. Some jurisdictions require permits and inspections, and your contractor will need to confirm the locations of any underground utilities such as gas lines, septic systems, or electric cables. Before they break ground, your contractor will mark the locations of these underground obstacles along with the intended layout of your new sprinkler system. 

Digging, Installing, and Burying Pipes

Once all of the preparations are complete, irrigation professionals will dig trenches and install pipes and wires. The components must be buried deep enough that lawnmowers, aerators, and other equipment will not disrupt them. Once the pipes are installed, contractors will backfill the trenches and compact the soil to prevent unwanted settling.

Connecting Controllers and Water

Contractors must connect new underground irrigation systems to irrigation controllers and the water supply. After the system is fully connected, irrigation professionals will make adjustments to the sprinkler heads and irrigation controller, ensuring that the system is ready to start watering.

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