How to Save Money with Landscape Irrigation sposato irrigation

How to Save Money with Landscape Irrigation

How to Save Money with Landscape Irrigation sposato irrigation

Read on to learn how landscape irrigation services can help you save water and money.

With the weather getting hotter every day, your yard’s evapotranspiration rates can be fairly high — in other words, the water you apply to your garden might evaporate before your plants can use it. One way to combat water waste and ensure your plants are worth your money is to get landscape irrigation services from Sposato Irrigation. Read on to learn how landscape irrigation services can help you save water and money.

Inspect or Retrofit Your Current Irrigation System

If you already have an irrigation system on your property, you are already on the right track to smart water usage! However, if you have not inspected or updated your system in a while, it might be time to do so. A poorly maintained sprinkler system can be wasteful and inconsistent. An irrigation maintenance plan from Sposato Irrigation includes inspections and maintenance for your existing system, allowing you to make any necessary updates or repairs. This can help you water your yard more efficiently, saving you time, water, and money.

Install a Water-Saving Landscape Irrigation System

Watering your lawn with a hose might seem like a quick and easy chore for your kids, or maybe you do it yourself on weekend mornings. However, manually watering your yard makes it astoundingly easy to drown your plants or leave them thirsty. A professionally installed sprinkler system can keep your plants happy and reduce water consumption by distributing water consistently and accurately to the areas of your yard that need it. Consider installing a smart irrigation controller for even greater ease and efficiency in watering your lawn. Smart irrigation controllers can sense rain, take local forecasts into account, and send you notifications and water usage reports to your smartphone.

Customized Solutions Reduce Waste

It may surprise you to learn that sprinklers may not be the most efficient irrigation method for your yard. If you have many bushes, trees, or flowers on your property, drip irrigation might be the best solution. Drip irrigation systems are designed to deposit water directly to the soil above plant roots. This limits waste due to uneven terrain, high winds, and other factors. The experts at Sposato Irrigation can discuss your irrigation options with you based on your property’s landscape. From there, they can install an irrigation system to help you keep your yard looking great while saving water and money.


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