Increase Your Property Value with an Irrigation System sposato irrigation

Increase Your Property Value with an Irrigation System

Increase Your Property Value with an Irrigation System sposato irrigation

From ensuring optimal grass health to adding conveniences for the next homeowner, lawn irrigation systems have various benefits.

When people think of home improvement to increase property value, they often think of remodeling the kitchen, painting the exterior, or replacing windows. While it might not come to mind first, installing an irrigation system can significantly improve your home’s curb appeal and raise its value in many ways. From ensuring optimal grass health to adding conveniences for the next homeowner, lawn sprinkler systems have various benefits. Here are some ways to improve your home’s value by installing an irrigation system.

Saves Time

Time is money, and a new irrigation system can save you both. You can automate your system to prevent spending significant time watering your grass and plants. Instead of spending all d trying to evenly water your garden, allow your irrigation system to water day for you so you can spend time with loved ones rather than with your watering hose and sprinklers. 

Boosts Aesthetics

A home’s curb appeal is greatly improved with a thick, healthy, and well-watered lawn. Watering your yard by hand with a hose is a hassle. It isn’t easy to distribute water evenly. You will unlikely water as regularly as a sprinkler system, meaning brown spots and dead grass can overtake your yard. A properly installed and calibrated irrigation system is one of the best ways to ensure lawn health, significantly increasing a home’s value and curb appeal.


Modern smart irrigation controllers have made watering your lawn extremely convenient, which a new homeowner will appreciate. You can set specific days and times for your lawn sprinkler system to run, and some smart systems will automatically shut off your sprinklers if it starts to rain. You can now leave home when you want without worrying about your yard. You can’t put a price on convenience, but you can certainly increase your home’s value because of it.

Conserves Water

Many new homeowners place great importance on a home’s conservation efforts, and an efficient sprinkler system could be at the top of their list. Not only is water conservation important for the environment, but it also helps reduce a homeowner’s monthly water bill. Some automatic irrigation systems can sense moisture and will automatically turn off when it rains. Water conservation appeals to potential homebuyers looking for ways to be environmentally conscious. By having a landscaping and irrigation professional install a lawn sprinkler system, you are investing in the resale value of your house.

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