Is Well Water Good For Irrigation Systems?


Is Well Water Good For Irrigation Systems?

Invest in an irrigation system this summer!

Irrigations systems are a tremendous investment. They will save you time, are excellent for your property’s soil, and help with weed prevention, as well as water conservation. Many homeowners are curious to know if well water is good for irrigation systems?

Many homeowners are under the misconception that they can’t install an irrigation system on their property because they operate on well water. Common fears are that there won’t be enough water pressure or that the well will eventually run out of water. However, there are many irrigation smart irrigation systems today that allow you to control your water usage. That being said, well water is fine to use on your landscape if used properly!

The Difference Between Well Water And City Water Systems

Wells operate by taking water from the ground and then pumping it to where it is needed. If your home and property are operating on a municipal water system, you can generally expect your water pressure to remain constant throughout the year. If you have a well, the pressure is going to be determinate on the power and size of the pump. If you are in need of more pressure, you can invest in an additional pump to help power your irrigation system. This will help to ensure that your sprinklers always have the right amount of power to water your landscape.

Determine The Correct Amount Of Pressure

The size of your property will ultimately determine the size of the irrigation system you should install for your landscape. Our experts at Sposato Irrigation will be able to determine the size of your system and the size of your pump based on the amount of property you need to cover. After we measure your property, we will also discuss your goals and budget. From there our irrigation professionals will develop a customized design proposal.

Choose Sposato Irrigation

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