Lawn Care Tips: How To Avoid Overwatering

Lawn Care Tips: How To Avoid Overwatering

Use these tips to achieve the perfect lawn this summer!

With summer just around the corner, it is time for homeowners to turn their attention to their landscaping efforts. In addition to spreading mulch, planting flowers, and trimming bushes, lawn care should be high on everyone’s priority list. You can drastically enhance the curb appeal of your property if you can achieve a lawn that features lush green grass. However, many homeowners are under the misconception that in order to achieve the perfect lawn they need to water it on a daily basis. Not only is this a waste of time and money, but it will also actually have an adverse effect on the health and appearance of your grass. Read on for some basic lawn care tips so you can achieve a beautiful lawn this summer!

The Negative Effects Of Frequent Watering

It is important to realize that your lawn can only accept so much water. If you want your grass to thrive, oxygen needs to be able to penetrate the soil. When you overwater your lawn, the oxygen that is present in the soil is pressed out which cause the grassroots to suffocate over time. Grass and other plant life need to develop strong root systems; otherwise, they are significantly more prone to develop diseases.

How To Prevent Overwatering

The simple truth is that watering less is better for your lawn. Instead of watering the grass daily, try to do it on a weekly basis. When you water your yard, you want to be sure to give it a soak so the ground can absorb the water. You also should monitor your lawn for visual signs of stress throughout the summer months (wilted grass, looks dry or brown). You may need to water more, but that is very dependent on the weather.

Always Water In The Morning

Did you know that the best time to water your lawn it in the early morning? This is because the suns rays will have plenty of time throughout the day to dry out the moisture. You never want to water in the evening because your lawn will remain moist throughout the night, which can lead to fungal diseases.

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