LED outdoor lighting

LED Outdoor Lighting for Safety and Home Security

LED outdoor lighting

Here are three ways that LED outdoor lighting can keep your home and your family safe.

We’ve just passed the summer solstice, which means that it is going to start getting dark earlier. Outdoor lighting can make your home and yard look great, but it can also serve a few important safety and security functions to protect you and your family. But what kind of lighting should you get? LEDs, or “light-emitting diodes,” are popular light sources for a few reasons. They have virtually no warmup time, are extremely energy efficient, and have a relatively long life. Outdoor lighting is only one application for these types of lights, and installing LED outdoor lighting can provide numerous benefits for your home. Here are three ways that LED outdoor lighting can keep your home and your family safe.

1. Deter Thieves

It’s common knowledge that a well-lit property can deter potential home invaders by illuminating hiding places and getting rid of shady spots that intruders can use to make a covert entrance, but LED outdoor lighting can also help protect your home while you are away. Consider installing outdoor lighting before you go on your next vacation. Having LED lights on a timer can make it seem like there are still people in the house, which can help keep thieves at bay. Motion detection is another great option for security lighting. Not only will it scare away potential intruders, but lights activated by a motion sensor can alert you to the fact that someone is on your property.

2. Highlight Trip Hazards

While many people think of the crime prevention aspect of installing bright LEDs, outdoor lighting can also guard against accidental safety hazards. Even the most familiar landscape can look different after dark, and poorly-lit pathways can lead to trip-and-fall accidents. LED outdoor lighting can be used to illuminate pathways, lawns, and other outdoor living spaces to reduce the risk of people getting injured on your property after dark.

3. Pool and Water Feature Safety

Many local jurisdictions require fences around pools in residential areas, but fences are not the only safety feature necessary to fully minimize the risk of drowning in a pool or other home water feature. LED outdoor lighting can prevent slips and trips around water, and having an adequately-lit yard can make rescue efforts easier and more effective. This is especially true in yards with ponds or other water features that are not lit from below.

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