The Winterization Process For Irrigation Systems

The Winterization Process For Irrigation Systems

It is time to shut down irrigation systems for the season.

Believe it or not, the fall season is in full swing! Over the past month, we have received excessive amounts of rain in the Mid-Atlantic region. That being said, it is time to shut down irrigation systems for the year because they no longer need to run. Turning off your irrigation system for the year is more complicated than just flipping a switch or turning a knob. The winterization process is an essential series of steps that must be followed to preserve the longevity of your system. Keep reading to learn a little about the process of winterizing a standard irrigation system.

Turn Off The Water Supply

It should go without saying, but your first order of business should be to turn off the water. Every system has a master shut off valve. They are often located in basements, utility rooms or outside by the meter or well. It is a good idea to mark your valve so you can easily identify it later on.

Drain Your Irrigation System

The next step should be to drain your system by hand. Many people make the mistake of skipping this step and pressure builds up in the system as a result. Try your best to remove all the water out of your system. In some models, there is a drain for the remaining water inside of the tubes.

Attach the Compressor

The air compressor is crucial for winterizing an irrigation system. Before you hook up your compressor to your system, you want to allow it to charge. However, you never want to use more than 70 PSI to blow out your system because anything over this number can result in damage. Small household compressors are often unable to produce enough CFM (cubic feet per minute) to push water out of each zone.  Also, it is important to remember that there is no need to ensure that your system is entirely dry. A small amount of leftover water should not cause any damage.

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