Underground Irrigation Systems vs. Drip Irrigation

Underground Irrigation Systems vs. Drip Irrigation

Underground Irrigation Systems vs. Drip Irrigation

In this blog, we explore the differences between drip irrigation and underground irrigation systems.

Installing a new irrigation system is the perfect way to keep commercial and residential properties well-watered and looking their best. Still, not every property needs the same type of irrigation system. Underground irrigation systems and drip irrigation systems are two popular methods of watering lawns, trees, and flowers, and they each have their strengths. Still, it’s vital to use the right tools for the job. At Sposato Irrigation, our experienced professionals are committed to creating the best possible irrigation systems for each of our clients, taking unique landscapes and needs into account. In this blog, we explore the differences between drip irrigation and underground irrigation systems.

Choosing the Best Irrigation System for the Job

Selecting the right irrigation system isn’t just about appearances, square footage, or convenience. There are many factors that go into designing an effective and efficient custom irrigation system. Consult a team of irrigation professionals to discuss your property’s needs; choosing the wrong type of system can lead to wasted water and poorly watered plants. When your plants cannot get the water they need, they struggle to grow and thrive. Drip irrigation and underground irrigation systems utilize different methods of water delivery, making one or the other particularly useful for certain types of plants.

Benefits of Underground Irrigation Systems

Underground irrigation systems are a standard choice for lawns and large gardens. Sprinklers provide water over a large area, and pop-up sprinkler heads are subtle and unobtrusive. A well-maintained underground irrigation system can keep your grass healthy, take the complexity out of watering your lawn, and help boost curb appeal.

Comparing Underground Irrigation Systems and Drip Irrigation

While underground sprinkler systems are a wise investment for many home and business owners, some properties are better suited for drip irrigation or hybrid systems. Sprinklers can be ineffective in places that routinely experience high winds, and they aren’t always ideal for watering trees and shrubs. Drip irrigation systems distribute water to the base of these plants, limiting waste and evaporation. Regardless of the type of system you need, the team at Sposato Irrigation is standing by to provide irrigation installation, maintenance, and repair services.

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