An Overview On Rain Gardens

Water Saving Technologies for Your Irrigation System

An Overview On Rain Gardens

Discover the newest in water saving technology!

With rising water bills across the country and increasing concern for eco-friendly landscape maintenance, American homeowners are looking to water saving technology to reduce their water costs and their carbon footprint. Luckily, there are several ways to maximize your irrigation system’s efficiency, keep your landscape looking healthy and lush, and reduce your use. There are several types of water saving technologies available for homeowners looking to efficiently water their landscape, whether your property is large or small. You can your lawn looking lovely while keeping costs down by investing in the right equipment for your landscape maintenance. Find the right fit for your landscape with these water saving technologies for your irrigation system.

Timer Systems

Timers are a great way to reduce wasted water. There’s a wide range of available timers out there that can be installed quickly and inexpensively, making them an especially appealing option for homeowners. With a Wi-Fi enabled smart timer, you can operate your irrigation system right from your smartphone, tablet, or home computer. This can allow you to set a schedule that will minimize wasted water while allowing you to keep your home’s landscape looking lush. Plus, smartphone-enabled timers don’t involve complex, pricey equipment, making them a great choice for homeowners with smaller lawns.

Smart Panel Technology

Smart panels, which integrate with your irrigation controller and monitor the weather, can use temperature, rainfall, and even solar radiation data to calculate when your sprinklers need to run. This weather monitoring is intended to compensate for the weather, watering when it’s especially hot or dry while avoiding overwatering. Smart panel devices are smaller than typical electric meters, so you can keep your panel hidden from view while making sure your landscape is effectively watered. Smart panels are typically brand-specific, so it’s important that you install a smart panel that integrates with your existing irrigation system.

ET Manager Technology

Evapotranspiration Manager Technology, known as ET Manager Technology, is a great option for owners of larger properties when it comes to saving water. Similar to smart panels, this technology features a wireless antenna that receives signals each hour from nearby stations. This allows for real-time weather updates for your automated irrigation system, using more accurate data to predict the watering needs of your landscape. These are the priciest models of water saving technologies, so they are generally most appealing for larger properties or sprawling commercial lawns, such as golf courses.

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