When Should You Winterize Your Irrigation System? sposato irrigation

When Should You Winterize Your Irrigation System?

When Should You Winterize Your Irrigation System? sposato irrigation

Keep reading for some tips on how to winterize your irrigation system properly.

As fall temperatures appear, watering your lawn becomes less of a necessity. Soon, your grass will enter a dormant state in preparation for winter. So, when is the right time to start winterizing to protect your outdoor piping and sprinkler system? To avoid damage, sprinkler lines must be drained before temperatures dip below freezing. Failing to winterize a sprinkler system before the temperature freezes can lead to expensive and time-consuming repair costs. Keep reading for some tips on how to winterize your irrigation system properly.

What is Winterization?

Winterization, also called a blowout or system shutdown, involves emptying an irrigation system’s pipes and shutting off the water for winter. Your irrigation service professionals will drain your system of water using compressed air to reduce the risk of damage due to freezing and thawing ice. Your irrigation maintenance team should also check your irrigation controller, water supply valves, and other key areas to ensure that your system is ready for winter.

When to Winterize Your Irrigation System

Your water lines must be drained and blown out using an air compressor before the first hard freeze. The general rule is to winterize your system at least a week before the first freeze is expected. You can drain your system either manually or using the blowout method. If your system uses manual valves, you can shut off the water supply and open all the manual valves to let the remaining water drain out. If your system is more complex, use an air compressor to blow out excess water. Our professional irrigation technicians will ensure all the water is removed properly.

Irrigation Maintenance and Repair From Sposato Irrigation

When you work with Sposato Irrigation, you trust your property with a thorough, experienced, and knowledgeable team of experts. Our maintenance professionals perform various tasks to prepare your system for winter. We will purge the main and lateral lines of the system using compressed air, shut off supply valves, and ensure your irrigation controller is set for a seasonal shutdown. These services, paired with our irrigation maintenance plans, repair services, and other offerings, help us keep our clients’ properties looking their best year-round! Contact us today to learn more about what Sposato Irrigation can do for your commercial or residential property.

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