Why You Should Install A French Drain On Your Property

Why You Should Install A French Drain On Your Property

Prevent flooding on your property by installing a French drain!

Excess water can cause tremendous damage to a landscape. If you want your landscape to stay intact throughout the year, you need to have sufficient drainage throughout your property. It is incredibly disheartening to see your garden or soil washed away every time a heavy rainstorm rolls through. The good news is that there are several steps you can take to protect your property from excessive amounts of water. If you are looking for a drainage solution for your property, keep reading and discover why a French drain could be a wise investment for you!

How French Drains Work

French drains are a popular option for ridding an area of excess rainwater. It is never a good idea to allow rainwater to collect in an area. French drains consist of perforated pipes that collect and divert rainwater away from a home or property.  The exit point is directed away from your neighbor’s property and away from anything important. A French drain installed by Sposato Irrigation will be fully wrapped with gravel and topped decorative stone or sod by our landscape department. French drains are often used in basements that suffer from drainage issues.

The Advantages

Since French drains are straightforward design, they are less likely to break on you or stop working. If they are installed correctly by a reliable company like Sposato Irrigation, they should last you several years without causing you any sort of problems.

Is A French Drain Right For Me?

French drains are not ideal for all landscapes. Other drainage solutions you may need to consider include buried downspouts or piped spouts. If any of the following signs apply to you, a French drain may be right for you.

-Your basement frequently floods

-You have a lot of standing water in your property

-Your landscape’s soil is often muddy

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