3 Eco-Friendly Commercial Irrigation Services

commercial irrigation services

Utilize these three eco-friendly commercial irrigation services to help your business go green this year.

Landscaping a commercial property can take a lot of work, money, energy, and water. While having lush plants, sturdy trees, or a sprawling lawn can add value to your commercial property, it can also have an impact on your business’s budget and carbon footprint. Thankfully, many of the eco-friendly residential irrigation solutions we have discussed are also available for commercial use. Utilize these three eco-friendly commercial irrigation services to help your business go green this year.

1. Use a Smart Irrigation Controller

As we have discussed, smart irrigation controllers are the perfect tool for anyone looking to streamline their irrigation system. Larger properties can take advantage of the commercial models of smart irrigation controllers which offer the option of controlling more areas (called “stations”) than some smaller residential models. Smart irrigation controllers are a great solution for eco-conscious businesses because they have many water- and energy-saving features like rain sensors and programs that monitor weather forecasts. With input from weather forecasts, smart controllers can shut off the sprinklers when rain is expected or limit watering time when evapotranspiration rates are low. Smart controllers are often operable via a smartphone app, which means that you or your landscaping professional can manage your property’s watering schedule and monitor water and energy consumption.

2. Install LED Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is another way to spruce up your property, and LED lighting allows you to illuminate your landscape while saving energy. LED fixtures use a small percentage of the energy used by traditional halogen fixtures. This, paired with their longer lifespan (which means less waste when you have to replace bulbs), makes LEDs a great option. Sposato Irrigation offers LED lighting installation and maintenance in addition to commercial irrigation services. Contact our experts today!

3. Consider Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is an irrigation technique that can save loads of water and energy, especially when used in a large-scale commercial irrigation system. Drip irrigation differs from sprinklers by depositing water directly to the base of the plants instead of shooting it through the air. This prevents water waste by reducing evaporation, mitigating the effects of sloped surfaces, and avoiding spraying water on sidewalks or other areas that do not need to be watered. Drip irrigation also requires less energy, since the water in drip irrigation pipes is held at less pressure than in traditional sprinklers.

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