irrigation maintenance plan

3 Key Features of Any Irrigation Maintenance Plan

irrigation maintenance plan

Here are three vital components of an irrigation maintenance plan that can help your lawn look its best.

While many irrigation systems can be a breeze to use, they all need to be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure optimized function and lawn health. There are many common hazards that can negatively impact the performance of your irrigation system, including lawn mowers, lawn edgers, and dirt. Without regular maintenance, small malfunctions can create immense (and expensive) problems. Here are three vital components of an irrigation maintenance plan that can help your lawn look its best.

  • Inspections

One of the essential parts of maintaining an irrigation system is observation. If your irrigation system goes without inspection for too long, small equipment malfunctions or failures can become big and costly. At best, a poorly-positioned sprinkler head will cause uneven lawn coverage. At worst, it will cause water to run onto the sidewalk or street, which wastes water and can cause flooding. Regular inspections can catch things like this before they have a chance to wreak havoc on your water bill or develop into something more problematic. Irrigation professionals are trained to look for things like leaks, blocked valves or sprinkler heads, and other issues that laypeople might miss.

  • Repair & Adjustment

Part of any irrigation maintenance regimen is making adjustments and repairs. Sprinkler heads must often be adjusted due to lawn mowers bumping and tilting them, or the heads simply quit turning. Sometimes sprinkler heads or drip lines break and must be repaired or replaced. If you choose an irrigation maintenance plan from a professional, they will be equipped to identify these damaged parts and fix the problem.

  • Seasonal Services

In a place like Delaware, seasonal services for irrigation systems are crucial. Winterization of irrigation systems replaces the water in the system with pressurized air and prevents pipes from freezing and bursting in cold weather. Spring start-up services consist of reintroducing water to the system and inspecting heads, valves, and pipes for leaks and malfunctions. These procedures can be intimidating for the average homeowner, but your local irrigation professionals are ready to help!

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