Standing Water and the Problems It Can Cause to Your Home

Standing Water in a Lawn

Proper drainage ensures your home isn’t endangered by the effects of standing water.

Thunderstorms are common during the summer months, and the rain that comes with them can cause significant problems on your property if you don’t have proper drainage mechanisms in place. While standing water is a fairly common issue, many homeowners don’t understand the damage it can wreak on their homes or how to remedy the situation. The problem goes far beyond just a musty smell in your basement – it can actually slowly wear away at your foundation and result in costly structural damage to the home.


Standing water, in general, is caused by an inability for the lawn around your home to handle the amount of rainwater falling. Sometimes this is due to a singular heavy rain event – other times it can be several smaller events in short succession. In most cases, the landscape surrounding the home is improperly graded, which can divert water towards the home or a particular area to pool.


When a property is unable to drain water properly, there are a host of problems that can result. As mentioned above, structural and foundational problems build up over time and can be very costly to repair if not caught quickly enough. In addition, pools of water attract mosquitoes and other insects, which may expose your family to irritating bites at best – and diseases such as West Nile virus at worst. Within your home, standing water can also promote the growth of mold and mildew in your basement, which can spread through your ventilation system and lead to respiratory issues.


The good news, if your property is afflicted with standing water issues, is that it can be remedied with the help of an experienced landscape and irrigation team. The exact solution will vary considerably depending on the needs of your property and the layout of your current landscape. A common solution is the use of downspouts to divert water away from your home and foundation. French drains are another great option that is not only functional, but can add an aesthetic to your landscape.

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