3 Signs That You Need Irrigation Repair

3 Signs That You Need Irrigation Repair

A functioning irrigation system should ensure that your property is watered evenly.

Are you concerned that something is wrong with your irrigation system? Even though we are in the off season, it is never a bad time to go over important points about irrigation systems. Keep reading and discover four signs that you need irrigation repair!

Sprinklers Are Not Spraying Where They Are Supposed To

Your sprinklers are set to spray water in certain areas of your yard. The user predetermines the amount of water that a sprinkler sprays, and this is set up in the control valves. If you notice that your sprinklers are spraying in wrong directions, you will need to have a look at your valves. If there is nothing wrong with the control valves, you will then need to check the sprinklers heads for any chips or cracks. These signs of wear and tear will ultimately affect the performance of your system — another possible reason for your sprinklers not spraying where they are supposed to be because the heads shifted out of the correct position, which would just mean they need to be adjusted.

There Are Soaked Spots On Your Property

A functioning irrigation system should ensure that your property is watered evenly. It should keep your property healthy by distributing water to trees, plants, shrubs, and your lawn if you notice that after checking your yard that you have wet spots on your property, it could mean that you leak into your system. If this is the case, you need to give the experts a call so that they can restore the proper water flow so you won’t have any issues.

Leaks and Drips From The Control Valves

One of the more obvious signs that you are in need of irrigation repair is that you notice leaks and drips coming from your control valves. It is important to remember that a small leak will almost always grow larger over time. A properly-function system should not have any sort of leaks or drips.

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