3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Lawn Sprinkler System

3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Lawn Sprinkler System

3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Lawn Sprinkler System

Use your lawn sprinkler system wisely by following these watering tips!

As the heat and humidity continue to soar, Delawareans are trudging onward toward the end of summer. Sprinkler systems continue to run at full blast, giving parched landscapes the hydration they so desperately need. However, some homeowners might not be making the most of the water they use. Evaporation, wind, and faulty sprinkler components can prevent your plants from utilizing every drop of water you give them, but there are some ways to optimize your sprinkler system’s performance. Use your lawn sprinkler system wisely by following these watering tips!

Use Your Lawn Sprinkler System at the Right Time

It may seem like a simple switch to make, but changing your scheduled waterings from the middle of the day to sometime in the early morning can have a massive impact on your landscape’s hydration levels. Watering in the morning allows your plants and soil to absorb the water they need before the midday sun hits. In the heat of the day, excess water will evaporate. Letting this extra water evaporate is an essential step in inhibiting mold growth and disease, but you must also provide ample time for your plants to drink their fill. Watering sometime before 9 a.m. is usually the best approach, especially during the summer.

Use an Appropriate Amount of Water

How much water does your lawn really, truly need? You must consider how often your lawn sprinkler system runs, how long each scheduled watering lasts, and the flow rate of your sprinkler heads. The amount of water your plants receive may surprise you. Diagnostic tools like the “tuna can test” can help you (and your irrigation team) determine just how much water your landscape is getting, and things like browning tips, mold growth, and crisp leaves can let you know when you may be over- or underwatering.

Keep Your Lawn Sprinkler System Well-Maintained

Finally, make the most of your water by keeping your lawn sprinkler system well-maintained. Faulty components and poorly calibrated parts can throw water where you least expect it, but a comprehensive maintenance regimen and prompt repairs can keep your lawn sprinkler system in tip-top shape.

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