What to Look for in an Irrigation Controller

What to Look for in an Irrigation Controller

What to Look for in an Irrigation Controller

As you look for a new irrigation controller, consider these factors and consult the team at Sposato Irrigation.

Home and business owners have their work cut out for them when installing new irrigation systems. Property owners have countless decisions to make, but choosing a reputable irrigation contractor can make the process easier. Selecting an irrigation controller is an essential part of installing or upgrading a residential or commercial irrigation system, and the experts at Sposato Irrigation can help. As you peruse the different types of irrigation controllers out there, consider these factors and consult the team at Sposato Irrigation.

Stations, Zones, and Programs

When looking at different irrigation controllers, you will likely see mentions of the number of stations, zones, or programs available with each model. These distinctions can be crucial, especially for properties with existing irrigation systems or specific watering needs.

  • Stations can refer to a single valve or circuit in an irrigation system. Each valve controls water flow to a specific area and set of sprinklers.
  • Zones are the physical areas being watered. The sprinklers or drip emitters within a zone will run on the same schedule. Your irrigation contractor will likely establish zones based on the watering needs of the plants within them.
  • Programs are watering schedules. Essentially, programs will tell your system when to activate the sprinklers in each zone or station. This includes the frequency and duration of scheduled waterings. Many irrigation controllers feature a few customizable programs, and seasonal presets are also common.

Do You Need a Mechanical or Digital Irrigation Controller?

If you have an older irrigation system, you likely have a mechanical irrigation controller in place. Mechanical controllers feature mechanical switches, gears, and timers. These controllers are simple and typically do not offer the same advanced features as their digital counterparts. Still, they are also more affordable, easier to install, and much less susceptible to damage during a power outage or surge. On the other hand, digital controllers utilize circuits and digital monitors to tell your sprinklers when to run. Digital controllers can include advanced features like smart home integration and app-based controls, but they can also be more expensive.

Do You Want an Indoor or Outdoor Irrigation Controller?

Will you store your irrigation controller in a garage, shed, or pumphouse? If so, an indoor irrigation controller will probably do the trick. These units can usually be plugged directly into an outlet, but they need to be stationed indoors for protection from the elements. Outdoor irrigation controllers are designed to be weather-resistant, but they can require wiring that is a bit more complex.

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