4 Advantages of a Smart Irrigation System sposato irrigation

4 Advantages of a Smart Irrigation System

4 Advantages of a Smart Irrigation System sposato irrigation

Here are some benefits you’ll experience when you upgrade to a smart irrigation system.

Smart technology has become popular among homeowners everywhere because it is more efficient and makes life easier. So, it’s no surprise that smart technology has made its way outdoors to help with our landscapes too. A great piece of outdoor technology is the smart irrigation system. A smart irrigation system waters your landscape for you while adjusting based on weather, plant type, and other things depending on the controller. Here are some benefits you’ll experience when you upgrade to a smart irrigation system.

Smart Irrigation Systems are Convenient

While hoses can get the job done, manual watering is a grueling chore in warm weather. Smart irrigation controllers and well-designed sprinkler systems take the physical strain, guesswork, and human error out of the equation. Contact an irrigation contractor to design and install your system, adjust your settings to meet your needs, and let the irrigation system do the rest! Smart irrigation systems offer convenient features like app-based controls, and seasonal presets, and customizable schedules. Many smart irrigation systems can also be used with weather sensors and other smart home devices.

Smart Irrigation Systems Save Money and Water

Depending on the irrigation system you select, it can adjust for the daily weather, the plant type you are watering, the soil type, and the slope of the land. Controllers can be adjusted from your phone and can identify leaks that are otherwise hard to find with a low-tech controller.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, as much as 50% of irrigation water is wasted. That is a huge amount of wasted water! Smart irrigation systems significantly reduce waste and allow you to save money and the environment.

Smart Irrigation Systems Improve Your Landscape’s Health

Smart irrigation controllers can be adjusted to give your yard and plants the exact amount of water needed to thrive. Some smart controller options adjust for the soil type and soak your irrigation in perfectly timed increments so water is absorbed and doesn’t run off.

They also adjust for rain and weather forecasts to prevent overwatering that can harm your lawn and plants.

Use Smart Irrigation Systems to Save Time

Why spend your evenings and weekends watering your yard when you could be doing something more enjoyable? Smart irrigation systems allow you to “set it and forget it,” eliminating the hassle and time commitment involved in watering your lawn. Now, you can rest assured that your landscape is watered properly.

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