4 Common Irrigation Mistakes

4 Common Irrigation Mistakes

Don’t over water your lawn this summer!

Water if life. During the summer months, you need to supply your lawn and plant life with the correct amounts of water in order for it to thrive. When it comes to irrigation, try to avoid the following missteps that are commonly made by homeowners.


Many people make the mistake of overwatering their lawns during the summer. It is important to understand that more water is not always the answer. In actuality, adding too much water can have a detrimental effect on the health of your grass and plants. It is also important to remember that just because a plant is wilting does not necessarily mean it is in need of water. Try to remember that overwatering can actually kill it faster than not giving it enough.

Not Mulching

Mulch is a gardener’s best friend. Not only does it provide a nice contrast in your garden, but it also helps the ground to conserve water. This is because the mulch helps to cool the soil and prevents runoff. That being said, it is usually in your best interest to apply approximately a couple inches of mulch around plants.

Watering Your Lawn At The Wrong Times

Don’t water during the middle of the day! This is one of the most commonly made irrigation mistakes made by homeowners. It is in your best interest to water your lawn in the morning, so it has the entire day to dry out.

Planting A Lot Of Plants That Require A Lot Water

It is essential to understand certain plants need more water than others. That being said, it is usually in your best interest to stay away from planting too many plants that are very water dependent. Examples of such impatiens, hibiscus, and elephants ears. If possible try to mix in some other plants that do not require daily watering such as daylily, salvias, and yucca.


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