4 Common Landscape Lighting Mistakes sposato irrigation

4 Common Landscape Lighting Mistakes

4 Common Landscape Lighting Mistakes sposato irrigation

Unfortunately, many homeowners make the same landscape lighting mistakes repeatedly. 

Landscape lighting is a tremendous investment everyone should consider for their property. In addition to functionality, they provide a property with aesthetics, safety, and security. Unfortunately, many homeowners make the same landscape lighting mistakes repeatedly. All these mistakes are avoidable if you know what you are doing or get assistance from a reputable contractor. With that said, it is some time to shed some light on those commonly made mistakes to help end them!

Using Traditional Light Bulbs

Outdoor lighting has come a long way over the years. Today, we have LED outdoor lighting solutions available for consumption. Investing in energy-efficient LED lighting is in your interest because it will ultimately lower your energy bills. Although it will cost you more initially, it will save you money in the long run, which makes it a tremendous investment. On top of that, LED light bulbs last significantly longer than other traditional bulbs that are still on the market today. Do yourself a favor and use energy-efficient LED bulbs because they are always your best bet!

Turning On Your Lights Manually

You shouldn’t have to remember to turn your landscape lights on and off every night. Why not purchase a timer so you do not have to worry about doing so? By automating your lighting system, you can enjoy your landscape lights without having to worry about turning them off and on. That is an unnecessary chore that is incredibly outdated. Who wants to walk outside during a cold winter night to turn on their outdoor lighting fixture? The answer is nobody!

Not Accounting For Glare

There is always the possibility of glares when you install a landscape lighting fixture. This is especially the case for homes with many reflective surfaces. Before you install any lights on your property, you need to be mindful of this, so you and others are not blinded by any glares.

Overloading Your Transformer

Your transformer can only handle so many lights. If you overload it, you’ll blow a fuse, and your lights will go out. You must either reduce the number of landscape lights connected to the transformer, buy a second transformer for the overload or buy a transformer with a higher capacity.

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