4 Reasons to Keep Your Grass Long sposato irrigation

4 Reasons to Keep Your Grass Long

4 Reasons to Keep Your Grass Long sposato irrigation

The lush green of a good grass yard provides a generally attractive look.

It can feel overwhelming to take care of your outdoor space. Gardens require a lot of care, trees need to be kept trimmed and healthy, and your shrubs and hedges need attention too. But one of the areas of most stress for homeowners is the lawn. You want your lawn to look healthy, thriving, and in your control. The lush green of a good grass yard provides a generally attractive look. To achieve a healthy lawn, you need to take care of your grass, including proper watering, mowing, and fertilizing. Here are some reasons why it is beneficial to keep your grass long.

Longer Grass Means Deeper Roots

When you keep your lawn at the proper length, the roots will grow deeper and collect more water. The grass will be thicker and blocks out sunlight that weeds need to take grow. The optimal grass length depends on various factors, including grass species and the time of year. In general, you should keep your grass on the long side of the recommendations for your grass species.

Longer Grass Reduces Weed Growth

There are hundreds of weed seeds on every lawn, waiting for the right conditions to grow and infest your grass. One of those requirements is having enough sunlight to warm the seed to help it germinate. If the light cannot reach the seed, it will be less likely to grow and spread. Setting your mower to the proper height is one of the best weed control methods.

Longer Grass Produces More Food

The grass blade produces the necessary nutrients for the grass plant. This is where photosynthesis occurs, and food is produced for good root growth. When the grass is mowed too short, the plant has to grow a brand new leaf blade. To do so, the plant uses its food reserves to grow new shoots. These reserves are stored in the roots, so forcing the grass plant to grow new blades constantly reduces the food storage capacity of the plant. When the lawn is mowed high, plenty of grass blades are left over to keep the grass healthy. This allows the grass to preserve its food reserves and grow stronger roots, leading to a greener and healthier lawn.

Irrigation Improves Grass Health

There may be ample rainfall to keep your grass healthy in some seasons, but lawns can become yellow and dry in the heat of summertime. The best way to prevent this is to irrigate the grass. Some homes may have sprinkler and irrigation systems built into the lawn, to keep their lawns hydrated and healthy. In general, the amount of water your grass needs is about 1 inch per week. It is essential that you don’t flood your lawn, but you must also ensure that enough water is distributed to penetrate the surface and soak the soil. 

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