4 Signs Your Commercial Irrigation System Needs Repair sposato irrigation

4 Signs Your Commercial Irrigation System Needs Repair

4 Signs Your Commercial Irrigation System Needs Repair sposato irrigation

If your water bill is much higher than usual, that could be a sign your commercial irrigation system needs repair.

Your irrigation system is comprised of small parts that work harmoniously to give your lawn the hydration it needs to thrive. When something malfunctions or breaks, your property can be negatively affected. If you receive a water bill that is much higher than usual, that could be a sign that your irrigation system requires repair.

Your business depends on the irrigation system to keep your landscape looking its best. That’s why it’s critical to recognize the signs of disrepair in your irrigation system. Keep reading to learn more about these signs to ensure your irrigation system works efficiently.

Change in Water Pressure

One sign that your irrigation system needs repair is sudden changes in the water pressure. The water should flow steadily, with the pressure not too high that it wears out the sprinkler heads or too low, resulting in some plants not getting the water they need. You should have your irrigation system inspected if you notice a change in water pressure.

High Water Bills

While fluctuations in your water consumption are typical depending on the season and your landscape needs, an abnormal spike in your water bill usually indicates an issue. A leak in your irrigation system could waste water and your hard-earned money. 

Leaks aren’t always the problem. Sometimes, the pressure regulator is at fault, too. Irrigation systems work at a specific pressure range. If the pressure regulator is faulty and releases high water pressure, more water is released than usual, leading to higher consumption and expensive water bills.

Sputtering Sprinkler Heads

Water flows through the sprinkler heads of your commercial irrigation system, giving your plants essential hydration. If your sprinkler heads begin sputtering water, it can lead to wasted water because the target areas on your lawn don’t get the hydration they need. There could be several reasons why your sprinkler heads are sputtering, such as:

  • Cracks or chips on the sprinkler head
  • Accumulated debris clogging the sprinkler heads
  • Malfunctioning sprinkler valve
  • Water pressure issues

You can clean clogged sprinkler heads to fix the sputtering. However, replacement is the best repair option if there are cracks on the sprinkler heads. 


Another sign your irrigation system needs repair is puddles or pools of water on your lawn or areas where the grass is soaked. One reason for this excess water is a leak in your irrigation lines; you will need to identify and repair that leak to protect your yard and avoid wasting more water.

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