4 Types of Landscape Irrigation

4 Types of Landscape Irrigation

4 Types of Landscape Irrigation

In this blog, we will discuss four different types of landscape irrigation that you can use to keep your plants looking their best.

You might not think about it, but the way you water your yard can have a massive impact on your water usage, your home’s appearance, and more. If you have always watered your lawn with a hose or sprinkler system, it can be easy to think that that’s just how it has to be. In reality, there are many ways to water your property, and the world of landscape irrigation is a complex and interesting one. In this blog, we will discuss four different types of landscape irrigation that you can use to keep your plants looking their best.

Surface Irrigation

Surface irrigation is what many homeowners use, especially on smaller properties. This method consists of applying water to the soil’s surface and allowing it to trickle down into the dirt and root systems. Using a hose, watering can, or hose and sprinkler attachment are all considered surface irrigation. While this is one of the most popular landscape irrigation methods, it is incredibly inefficient and labor-intensive. Water is often distributed unevenly, which can lead to parched or waterlogged plants. This method also depends on homeowners or landscaping professionals to water the yard rather than utilizing an automated process, which can lead to missed waterings.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is an excellent choice for landscapes that are on uneven terrain, are in windy areas, or that have groups of plants throughout as opposed to an expansive grass lawn. Drip irrigation uses a series of pipes and tubing to deliver water directly to the bases of plants, cutting down on wasted water due to evapotranspiration and wind scatter. Like some other landscape irrigation methods, drip irrigation systems can be hooked up to an irrigation controller or smart irrigation controller. This allows for greater ease of use and water and energy efficiency.

Sprinkler Irrigation

When many people think of landscape irrigation, they think of sprinkler systems. Underground sprinkler irrigation uses a series of pipes and sprinkler heads that deliver water to plants by spraying the water in the air above them. Like drip irrigation systems, sprinkler systems can be installed with irrigation controllers. Sprinkler heads can either retract and pop up during watering, or they can always sit above the ground. Although sprinkler irrigation does lead to some water waste due to evapotranspiration, smart irrigation controllers can mitigate this risk by taking weather reports into account when triggering the sprinkler system.

Blended Systems

One way to reduce waste as much as possible is to utilize a blended irrigation system, combining drip and sprinkler irrigation for use in different areas of the landscape. By using sprinklers on grass and drip irrigation for bushes, trees, and flowers, homeowners can optimize their watering efforts. In these blended systems, a smart irrigation controller is a must. A smart controller can coordinate and schedule watering times and durations for different zones, taking rain and weather forecasts into account. If you think a blended irrigation system might be right for you, consult the landscape irrigation experts at Sposato Irrigation.

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