4 Types of Landscape Lighting sposato irrigation

4 Types of Landscape Lighting

4 Types of Landscape Lighting sposato irrigation

Let’s go over some of the common types of landscape lighting.

Not only are landscape lights used to illuminate the front of homes, but they have also become increasingly popular in backyard spaces. While landscape lighting is clearly a growing trend, other options exist with many styles and forms. So, no matter the size and layout of your backyard, you’ll be able to find the perfect landscape lighting to suit your needs. Let’s go over some of the common types of landscape lighting.


Spotlights provide a narrow, concentrated light beam, usually around 45 degrees. These lights are easier to aim and are excellent for highlighting specific features, such as plants or architectural decor. Spotlights range in brightness and the amount of area they cover. They provide excellent illumination for statues, furniture, patios, and anything you can point it at.

Path Lights

Path lights offer both fashion and function. This style of landscape lighting creates a warm and inviting environment for guests and enhances the use and safety of your outdoor space. Path lights reduce the potential for trips and falls that could result in injury by providing a clear view of obstacles and elevation changes in walkways. These lights help to improve curb appeal and also make it safer to walk on paths at night. 

Step Lights

Step lights are highly recommended to accentuate the architectural details of your home exterior. These are excellent safety lights on steps or stairs leading to your backyard or deck. These light fixtures can be installed directly into your yard’s hardscape or deck. These lights are also effective in lighting down stone walls or lighting up entertainment areas in the backyard. 

LED Lights

LED landscape lighting is one of the most sought-after options for illuminating outdoor spaces because they are extremely efficient with minimal maintenance. You’ll have more cost savings and less busy work with LED lamps. LED bulbs are made of plastic, not glass, so they are more durable than traditional outdoor lighting bulbs. Also, these lights do not take much time to heat up and turn on, as they do not need much heat to operate. They will turn on in an instant, even in freezing temperatures.

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