5 Reasons to Install a Lawn Sprinkler System sposato irrigation

5 Reasons to Install a Lawn Sprinkler System

5 Reasons to Install a Lawn Sprinkler System sposato irrigation

Installing a sprinkler system is an excellent way to save water, time, and money.

Most homeowners have realized irrigation is the most streamlined way of caring for a landscape. Installing a sprinkler system is an excellent way to save water, time, and money. Investing in an irrigation system is an investment in your landscape’s longevity and improving your home’s equity. Deciding who will install your irrigation system should also be a top priority. For many homeowners, the advantages of working with a licensed irrigation contractor far outweigh the cons and prevent high water bills in the future.

Saves You Water

Part of any good lawn maintenance routine is watering. However, after a particularly dry summer, you may find that keeping your lawn green means spending more money. Hand watering is time-consuming. Sprinkler attachments can accidentally water the pavement and driveways. With an irrigation system, the sprayers are positioned strategically, so no water is wasted. And if your system has smart sensors, it automatically detects and determines how much water to use and how long to water for. 

Saves You Time

There are so many other things you could be doing than standing in your yard watering your grass or watching the sprinkler attachment to make sure it doesn’t flood the neighbor’s lawn. Time is money, and with an irrigation system, you’ll save both.

Boosts Property Value

An automated irrigation system will help you save time and water, and it also helps you preserve your home landscape investment. Providing just the right amount of water for your plants and grass will keep your lawn healthy and looking great all season long while increasing the value of your home.

Irrigation Systems Are Adaptable

When a piece of technology becomes outdated, you have to replace it entirely. This isn’t the case with irrigation systems. If you have a system already, it may need a few updates to reach peak performance. For example, it might function fine but doesn’t have a rain sensor or timer, so you have to turn it on and off manually. In many cases, your existing system can be updated without having to take it out and install a new system from scratch. Ask your irrigation technician for more info!

Leave the Work to the Professionals

When you hire a professional landscaping contractor to install your sprinkler system, you can trust that they won’t leave you hanging. A reputable company should be able to provide the following maintenance services:

  • Opening the system and checking for repairs at the beginning of the season
  • Shutting off the system at the end of the season
  • Turning off the water pressure
  • Zone blowout
  • Backflow prevention
  • Timer turnoff

Choose Sposato Irrigation

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