Check Out These Landscape Drainage Solutions sposato irrigation

Check Out These Landscape Drainage Solutions

Check Out These Landscape Drainage Solutions sposato irrigation

Keeping your yard and garden efficiently irrigated with proper drainage is good for the health and beauty of your landscaping.

Keeping your yard and garden efficiently irrigated with proper drainage is good for the health and beauty of your landscaping and for your soil and the environment. Various landscape drainage options are available to you, so your trusted irrigation professionals can help you find the perfect solution for your landscape. Without proper drainage, the water in your soil can overwhelm your sump pump or cause stubborn water damage in your basement. Whether you require a pipe system or can solve drainage issues by planting a rain garden will depend on your unique landscaping needs. Here are some great options for landscape drainage solutions.

French Drains

Most people are familiar with the standard residential drainage system, consisting of gutters and downspouts that channel rainwater away from the home’s foundation. However, this system is not always effective, especially in areas with high rainfall or during periods of intense storms. In these cases, water can quickly build up around the foundation, causing flooding and expensive damage. French drains are an effective solution to this problem. French drains redirect water away from the foundation and into a nearby body of water. They are also less likely to become blocked by debris, making them ideal for areas prone to severe weather. 

Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are a creative solution to landscape drainage issues that will not only divert rainwater but also make the most of your rainwater and help your landscape to thrive. A rain garden is a shallow pool full of deep-rooted plants that can add beauty to your landscaping while managing groundwater drainage. It may sound too good, but rain gardens are an excellent way to manage runoff from your roof, pavement, and driveway while improving soil health and adding plant life to your yard. They may look like a small pond after a storm but do not hold water otherwise. Instead of diverting it through your lawn in a naturally efficient method of landscape drainage, it appears as a normal garden between rain storms!

Slope Your Landscape

While this solution isn’t for everyone, it may be worth sloping your lawn away from your home if you’re working on heavy-duty landscaping. This can help you to avoid major buildup around your home’s foundation that can result in flooding.

Downspout Piping and Burial

If runoff from your roof is causing most of your drainage issues, downspout piping and burial can be an excellent solution for your home. This piping will divert roof runoff away from your home, helping you to avoid a wet basement.

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