Commercial Irrigation Installation Basics: Sprinklers vs. Drip Irrigation

Commercial Irrigation Installation Basics: Sprinklers vs. Drip Irrigation

Commercial Irrigation Installation Basics: Sprinklers vs. Drip Irrigation

Sprinklers and drip irrigation systems are two options to consider for commercial irrigation installation. Let’s explore the key differences:

Commercial properties take many forms — retail stores, offices, universities, and hotels, just to name a few. Still, all of these types of properties have one thing in common: the need to make an excellent first impression with impeccable landscaping. Managing the landscaping needs for larger properties can be challenging, but an effective irrigation system is a helpful tool in this battle. Commercial irrigation installation can ensure that your property’s shrubs, grass, and trees all have the water they need to thrive, helping your business make an excellent first impression. Property owners have many choices to make when planning commercial irrigation installation. Sprinklers and drip irrigation systems are two options to consider, and in this blog, we explore the differences between these two types of irrigation.

Sprinkler Systems: a Standard Choice for Commercial Irrigation Installation

Most commercial irrigation installation plans involve sprinklers. Traditional sprinkler systems throw water a great distance through the air, spreading it across lawns and fields. These types of systems are ideal for large properties, fields, and grass lawns. Sprinkler systems are typically cheaper to install per foot than drip irrigation systems, but they can also be less efficient in some situations. Windy areas can simply cause the water to blow away, and poorly-positioned sprinkler heads may throw more water at buildings and sidewalks than plants. An experienced team of irrigation professionals can help you determine what types of sprinkler heads, irrigation controllers, and layouts are best for your landscape.

Drip Irrigation for Trees, Shrubs, and Efficient Watering

While sprinkler systems are a common choice, drip irrigation systems are also useful for commercial irrigation. These systems utilize drip emitters to deliver water precisely where it’s needed most: at the bases of trees, shrubs, and flowers. Drip irrigation systems are highly efficient, and they ensure precise water distribution in concentrated areas. Windy areas or gardens with flowers, shrubs, and trees may be better suited to drip irrigation systems. While these systems can be slightly more expensive to install per foot than traditional sprinklers, they are often highly efficient and effective for certain landscapes.

Which is Best for Your Commercial Irrigation Installation Project?

In truth, many commercial irrigation installation plans incorporate both sprinkler systems and drip irrigation. Dividing your property into zones allows irrigation professionals to use drip irrigation for certain plants while adding sprinklers to cover large swaths of grass. Whether you decide to use sprinklers, drip emitters, or a combination of the two, choosing the right contractor is vital. Working with a team of commercial irrigation installation professionals is a great way to ensure that your new irrigation system is well-suited to your property’s specific needs.

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