Common Irrigation Controller Problems

Common Irrigation Controller Problems

Common Irrigation Controller Problems

If your irrigation controller is causing any of the following issues, the team at Sposato Irrigation is ready to help!

Your irrigation controller is a critical part of your property’s sprinkler system. This valuable tool keeps track of when your sprinklers are supposed to turn on and for how long. While this may seem fairly straightforward, irrigation controller manufacturers have created a massive array of added features and settings. These features are designed to reduce wasted water while providing a highly-customized irrigation experience, but some homeowners run into trouble configuring their systems or adjusting older units. If your irrigation controller is causing any of the following issues, the team at Sposato Irrigation is ready to help! While a simple controller adjustment can likely resolve the problem, you may want to consider replacing your old unit with a new smart controller that provides a more straightforward user experience.

Sprinklers Turn On, Then Off Immediately

If your irrigation system turns off almost as soon as it’s on, you likely have an issue with the duration settings for your irrigation controller. When programming or adjusting your irrigation controller, you must set a duration for watering in addition to a set time to turn the system on. Some smart controllers automatically adjust the duration based on weather conditions and evapotranspiration, and help from the professionals at Sposato Irrigation can be crucial for homeowners looking to tackle duration issues with these systems.

Your Irrigation Controller Turns Sprinklers On At Odd Times

Is your irrigation system watering your lawn at midnight instead of early morning? Believe it or not, this is actually a fairly common problem with some irrigation controllers. While many units have a battery backup, some irrigation controllers rely solely on power from a wall adapter. Systems without a battery backup will turn off whenever your power goes out, which can shift the controller’s internal clock. If your sprinklers are turning on at odd times, take a look at the time on your irrigation controller. You may have to change it. If temporary power disturbances are somewhat common for your home, consider installing a controller with a battery backup.

Your Entire Property Is Not Being Watered

Many properties are divided into zones for more effective irrigation. While this is a common practice for landscapes that contain a variety of plants and irrigation methods, some homeowners may notice that some zones are not being appropriately watered. When making adjustments for an irrigation controller with multiple zones, it can be helpful to assess the settings for each zone individually. If the sprinklers in some zones are still not turning on during tests, you may have an issue with your system’s valves, pipes, or sprinkler heads.

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