Consider a Residential Irrigation System this Spring sposato irrigation

Consider a Residential Irrigation System this Spring

Consider a Residential Irrigation System this Spring sposato irrigation

Irrigation systems are an excellent way for homeowners to save water and time while keeping their properties looking gorgeous.

It is still decently chilly in February, but some homeowners are already planning for their spring projects. Irrigation systems are an excellent way for homeowners to save water and time while keeping their properties looking gorgeous. Consider residential irrigation installation if your irrigation system is old or you do not have one. By starting the process now, you can take steps to prepare your garden for a successful spring and summer. Here are a few different approaches to residential irrigation installation to consider. If you are having trouble narrowing down your options, contact the team at Sposato Irrigation for expert opinions and information!

Install Drip Irrigation for Shrubs and Trees

Drip irrigation is a popular water delivery method for landscapes that are particularly hilly or windy. Drip irrigation systems minimize water waste by delivering water directly to the roots and bases of plants. In contrast, sprinklers in these settings can lead to water being blown away or distributed unevenly. Drip irrigation is ideal for landscapes with many shrubs, trees, and flowers with concentrated root systems. However, areas like large grassy lawns might not be the best place to apply drip systems.

Choose Sprinklers for Wide Coverage

On the other hand, sprinklers are excellent for distributing water far and wide. Grassy lawns or large swaths of ground cover are prime candidates for sprinklers. These systems are also ideal for use in hard-to-reach places and areas where drip irrigation tubing would be challenging to maintain. While sprinkler systems have benefits, they can also require more digging and substantial plumbing than drip systems. Your irrigation installation professionals will be able to help you determine whether or not a sprinkler system is the most viable option.

Install a Smart Irrigation System for Convenience

While hoses can get the job done, manual watering is a grueling chore. Smart irrigation systems take the physical strain out of the equation. Smart irrigation systems offer convenient features like app-based controls, seasonal presets, and customizable schedules. Many smart irrigation systems can also be used with weather sensors and other smart home devices.

Combine Methods and Make The Most of Residential Irrigation Installation

While both irrigation methods have their strengths, the best way to take advantage of residential irrigation installation may be to combine them. Consider using drip irrigation tubing to deliver water to shrubs and trees while sprinkler heads broadcast water throughout your lawn. Whichever method you choose, be sure to install an irrigation controller. Smart irrigation controllers are valuable tools for homeowners, allowing you to precisely control and monitor your irrigation system.

Choose Sposato Irrigation

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