Finding the Right Landscape Irrigation Contractor sposato irrigation

Finding the Right Landscape Irrigation Contractor

Finding the Right Landscape Irrigation Contractor sposato irrigation

Here are some tips for finding the right landscape irrigation contractor.

With spring coming, you’re likely interested in getting your landscape in order. One of the best ways to create a flourishing landscape around your home is to install the right irrigation system. But how do you find the right company to accomplish the task? It requires researching your local service providers and determining who can do the job correctly. A professionally installed irrigation system is the way to a luxurious yard. Here are some tips for finding the right landscape irrigation contractor.

Irrigation or Landscaping Specialists

Your irrigation contractor should specialize in landscaping or irrigation. Some businesses focus on other home improvement and maintenance aspects, with irrigation services added to their menu as an afterthought. While these folks may be adept at interior plumbing maintenance, they are often not experts in landscape irrigation. For a safe, effective, and efficient irrigation system, you should procure the services of professionals who work day in and day out on irrigation. Your contractor must have extensive experience in designing, installing, and maintaining irrigation systems.

Ensure They Have Proper Insurance

All contractors must have liability insurance. Liability insurance protects you, your family, the contractor, and any other person in your home. It also protects your neighbors’ properties. Accidental injuries or property damage is possible while installing an irrigation system. So, liability insurance guarantees that everyone and everything has coverage. You should only work with a contractor with a Certificate of Insurance. The certificate should show the issue date and the details of the contractor. It should also indicate the amount it can cover in terms of general liability and the coverage’s expiration date.

Vast Knowledge of Landscape Irrigation Methods

Your irrigation contractor should have a healthy knowledge of landscape irrigation. They should know when to use drip irrigation versus a sprinkler system and must be familiar with the standard safety and performance concerns. Irrigation professionals should be well-versed in winterization and spring start-up best practices to meet your system’s changing needs year-round. Working with knowledgeable professionals reduces the likelihood of problems requiring expensive maintenance, and an irrigation system that is well-designed from the start is more likely to be efficient.


If you live in an area with freezing temperatures, you should ask the contractor about the winterization procedure. Winterization is the process of removing water from an irrigation system. When water freezes, it becomes ice and expands, damaging an irrigation system. The pipes or fittings can burst because of expansion. An expert landscape irrigation contractor should know when to perform the winterization procedure to prevent this damage. 

Choose Sposato Irrigation

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