Why a Broken Irrigation System is a Problem

Why a Broken Irrigation System is a Problem

If you don’t fix a broken irrigation system, here are some of the problems you could experience.

We’ve visited many businesses and homes in our time, and while many outdoor landscapes look lovely and have wonderful irrigation systems, some systems aren’t the best at sprinkling their lawns. This could mean that your irrigation system is experiencing some issues.

You need your irrigation system to remain fully functional at all times because it is vital in preserving the wellbeing of your lawn and plants. If you don’t fix a broken irrigation system, here are some of the problems you could experience.

Flooding Both Above and Below the Ground

Flooding is a commonplace problem that comes from a broken irrigation system. This happens in a few different manners. Sometimes, lawns will begin to flood because the sprinkler system directs excess water to lower-lying spots, which results in water pooling. Adjusting your sprinkler heads is a good first step to resolving the problem. This lets water be dispersed more evenly throughout your lawn in the future. After that, grading your yard to eliminate low-lying spots could be up for consideration.

Broken irrigation pipes are another common catalyst for flooding lawns. Sometimes, when holes are being dug into the ground, pipes can accidentally be struck. This causes the pipes to leak, and you’ll want a professional irrigation company to handle the repairs before the damage can grow too much.

Sudden Increase in Water Bills

It’s possible that the water pooling in your yard may go unnoticed. Even if the water itself isn’t detected, though, you will soon notice the significant spike in your water bill. You’ll also have added expenses if you have to treat or replace your lawn because your irrigation system isn’t working as it should. Much like with other problems your irrigation system may experience, professional intervention is best. Professionals will help identify the source of the problem and formulate an effective solution.

Dry and Dead Areas On the Lawn

Sometimes, rather than flooding throughout your lawn, you will experience a lack of water. If sprinklers are not targeting the lawn with their water, it means your lawn and plants aren’t getting the necessary water to survive. When grass gets dry enough for an extended period of time, it starts wilting, and eventually, it dies out. You should get a sprinkler professional to adjust the heads of your sprinklers before your lawn dies out.

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