How to Maintain Your Commercial Irrigation System sposato irrigation

How to Maintain Your Commercial Irrigation System

How to Maintain Your Commercial Irrigation System sposato irrigation

Keep reading for some tips for maintaining your commercial irrigation system.

Ensuring your irrigation system is in optimal working order is essential when maintaining your property so it looks and performs its best. Without sufficient water, your grass may struggle and potentially die. However, ensuring your commercial irrigation system functions involves more than just checking for leaks. You also want to determine that landscaped areas are getting adequate coverage, which could mean making periodic adjustments. Keep reading for some tips for maintaining your commercial irrigation system.

Inspect Your Lawn

Sometimes, a malfunctioning system may look fine to the naked eye. However, brown patches or overly wet areas of your yard will tell you otherwise. Brown patches are a typical sign of a clogged water line. On the other hand, a wet patch signifies a leak. It’s best to inspect your lawn every week to ensure your irrigation system appropriately hydrates it in the right amounts.

Clean Sprinkler Heads

Small clumps of dirt or grass can clog up sprinkler heads and impact your irrigation system. So, be sure to routinely check all sprinkler heads to see if there are any blockages. It is crucial to check on them after you mow the lawn since clumps of grass may pile up around the heads. If your sprinklers need a more thorough cleaning, you can carefully unscrew them from the pipe and use a gentle cleaning solution. There may be a filter inside the sprinkler, which you can carefully wipe down with a damp cloth.

Flush Your Irrigation System

If your sprinkler heads are close to the ground, dirt and debris may get trapped, clogging them and causing bigger problems if left unchecked. In addition, tap water is full of mineral deposits that will eventually clog your system if it’s not flushed out. In early summer, be sure to flush your system first before turning on the sprinklers. Doing so will force any dirt, debris, or mineral deposits out of the sprinkler heads, allowing them to act at full capacity. A yearly flush is an essential part of routine sprinkler maintenance.

Implement a Maintenance Schedule

The best way to keep your commercial irrigation system in good shape is to have a routine maintenance schedule. An irrigation system needs regular inspections, cleanings, and upgrades to help catch small issues before they become big problems. You should have your system inspected during the spring to ensure it is ready for the seasons ahead. You may also want your sprinklers evaluated during the season to ensure they run efficiently. Seasonally, it should also include backflow testing and winterization.

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