Underground Irrigation Systems: How to Protect Your Lawn During Installation sposato irrigation

Underground Irrigation Systems: How to Protect Your Lawn During Installation

Underground Irrigation Systems: How to Protect Your Lawn During Installation sposato irrigation

Here are some tips to prevent damage to your lawn during underground irrigation system installation.

Have you been considering installing an underground irrigation system? Many homeowners who do not have underground sprinkler systems are hesitant to install new systems for fear of destroying their lawns. They often conjure up mental images of grass and dirt lying strewn across a previously perfect yard, with exposed pipes and dirt lying everywhere. While installing a new underground irrigation system is no small undertaking, qualified and experienced landscaping experts have the tools and know-how to drastically reduce the negative impact of a new irrigation system on your yard. Read on to learn about some of the tips and tricks that you and your irrigation contractors may use to prevent damage to your lawn during the installation of your new underground irrigation system.

Install Underground Irrigation Systems in Fall or Early Spring

Installing an underground irrigation system is best done in the fall or early spring to reduce the strain placed on your lawn. It is easiest to install a new system when the weather is mild, and there is significant moisture in the soil. Digging is easier in these conditions, and your grass is more likely to cope with the stress better when water is abundant and temperatures are not oppressively hot or freezing cold. Keeping your grass healthy despite the trauma and strain that it will endure is key to ensuring a smooth recovery after installing your sprinkler system.

Water Generously After Installation

As mentioned above, keeping your grass hydrated and healthy is crucial. To this end, you should water your yard generously for several days after sprinkler installation. This encourages your grass to heal and grow, reestablishing roots where the grass was displaced and camouflaging the areas of your yard that were disturbed. The last thing you want after spending all that time and money on installation is for your grass to die out from lack of water.

Hire Experienced Professionals

One of the best things that you can do as a homeowner to ensure minimal damage to your yard during underground irrigation system installation is to hire an experienced irrigation contractor to do the job. Professionals who know what they are doing can use the tools, methods, and materials necessary to suit your lawn’s unique needs. The experts at Sposato Irrigation provide homeowners and commercial property managers in Delaware with excellent and affordable service. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your property!

Choose Sposato Irrigation

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