How to Tell If Your Sprinkler System Needs Repairs

Sposato Irrigation sprinkler system

Does your sprinkler system need repairs? Look for these warning signs.

Does your sprinkler still serve you as it did when it was brand new, or has its performance significantly waned? Have you been thinking of replacing it, but you’re not sure if your sprinkler system needs a repair instead? 

If you have such concerns, read on to know how to tell that it’s time to fix your sprinkler system.  

Soaring Water Bills

The last thing anyone wants is an additional bill. Now you have just noticed that the water bill has skyrocketed unusually. Of course, this could be due to rainfall fluctuations or other valid causes. 

Nonetheless, it could also be a sign that your sprinkler needs some fixing. If the system leaks, it won’t deliver the expected water volumes and your bills may rise. 

If you can spot visible leaks in your sprinkler system, talk to us. Our professionals will check the sprinkler system and fix any leaks. 

Unusual Wet Spots

You expect your sprinkler to distribute water to your lawn evenly. But you might have detected patches that are unusually more soaked than the entire area. These are indicators of a fault in the sprinkler system. 

If you notice water pools and mud patches, something is amiss. It’s time to consult our professionals to diagnose and fix the problem before it gets out of hand. 

Eroding Landscape

The sprinkler system is not too harsh on your landscape as it delivers a jet of water designed to cause limited erosion. However, you might have noticed that there is unusual soil erosion on your lawn. 

This shows that the sprinkler could be leaking or delivering more water than necessary to the spot. 

Fungus Growth

Mold thrives best in a humid environment, and an excessively irrigated site is one of the best spots for that. But, of course, you don’t expect excessive sprinkling unless your sprinkler has a problem. 

If you identify fungus growth on the lawn, especially on a few secluded spots, your sprinkler is likely faulty and needs some fixing. 

Diminished Sprinkler Pressure

We expect your sprinkler to deliver consistent pressure throughout the sprinkling action. Sometimes, this cannot be possible, especially if there’s a water shortage. 

Nevertheless, if the water levels are as normal as ever but your sprinkler pressure has significantly diminished, it’s probably malfunctioning. This is a clear sign your sprinkler system needs repair. 

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