Lower Your Water Bill with a Sprinkler System sposato irrigation

Lower Your Water Bill with a Sprinkler System

Lower Your Water Bill with a Sprinkler System sposato irrigation

Keep reading to find out how to save money with a sprinkler system.

Besides reducing the length of your showers and watering at the proper times, a great way to lower your water bill is with a sprinkler system. If you have an outdated irrigation system, you are probably spending too much money on water. Furthermore, adding a new sprinkler system to a property will reduce manual labor and maximize watering coverage. Sometimes, all it takes to lower the water bill is a few adjustments. Keep reading to find out how to save money with a sprinkler system.

Timing is Important

Avoid watering in the middle of the day because the sun’s heat will easily evaporate the water you use to nourish your grass. You can reduce water loss caused by evaporation by watering late at night or early in the morning. These are the cooler hours in which the sun is not out. Water at these times and your grass will stay moist much longer.

Upgrade to Smart Controllers

Consider upgrading your old sprinkler system into a smart irrigation system. Smart controllers simplify watering by creating easy scheduling and auto-updating throughout the year. You can expect to see significant savings on sprinkler water use alone! Also, a smart system adapts to the weather, remotely runs sprinklers, and can be remotely monitored to view schedules and usage reports. 

Adjust Your Sprinkler Heads

This straightforward repair can significantly affect your lawn and water bill. Tightening or otherwise adjusting sprinkler heads is especially helpful for those with sprinklers that wastewater along the sidewalk, porch, or street. If you feel uncomfortable making adjustments to your sprinkler system, feel free to rely on our team at Sposato Irrigation for assistance.

Rain Sensors

Rain sensors ensure your sprinkler system is not running during the rain, preventing wasted water. For people who set their sprinkler systems on an automatic schedule, the rain sensor will tell the controller to turn off if it senses rain. 

Schedule Regular Maintenance

As with any mechanical system, your sprinkler system will benefit from regular inspections. A monthly walk-through is recommended to check for leaks, ensure valves are operating properly, test the controller, and look for other signs of system imbalance. Just a quick check can result in tremendous savings by preventing water loss before it happens.

We keep our team of experts consistently at the top of our trade, consistently training with them several times a year on new components, testing equipment, maintenance and water conservation techniques.

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