Spring Start-Up Tips for Your Irrigation System sposato irrigation

Spring Start-Up Tips for Your Irrigation System

Spring Start-Up Tips for Your Irrigation System sposato irrigation

Follow this spring start-up checklist, and your irrigation system will be in great shape for the season ahead.

The weather is starting to warm, and trees are beginning to bud their first flowers of the year. Springtime is around the corner. With springtime comes the time to turn on your irrigation system again, but months of inactivity and exposure to freezing weather may have left your sprinklers in disrepair. Is your irrigation system ready for the spring and summer season? Follow this checklist, and your irrigation system will be in great shape for the season ahead.

Inspect Your Sprinkler Heads

The first step is to walk around your property and check your sprinkler heads to see if any feel loose or completely detached. Over time, sprinkler heads can eventually break off, particularly from an unexpected impact due to foot traffic. However, you might not even recognize a broken sprinkler head until you turn it on for the first time, and it gushes like a geyser.

Give each sprinkler head a gentle nudge to test its stability before turning it on. Any wildly loose sprinkler heads should be repaired before turning on that particular zone.

Program Your Controller 

Make sure your irrigation controller has power or fresh batteries if it’s battery-operated, confirm the proper date and time, and set your desired start time, zone run times, and the days you want to water. You will likely need to adjust the run times and days to water as weather changes throughout the season. 

Clean Dirty Nozzles

Dirty nozzles are a problem that could cause some severe damage to your yard. A dirty nozzle can spray water over a sidewalk, patio, or other areas. It could prevent water from reaching the furthest distances. It could even damage a sprinkler head by causing excessive pressure buildup. To clean your nozzles, grab a small screwdriver or pick tool and dig any visible dirt out of the spray nozzle. Once free, your sprinkler should return to projecting at full strength.

Call the Professionals

If you are having trouble with your irrigation system, are noticing leaks, need help addressing issues, or don’t have the time, it may be worth giving the professionals a call for your sprinkler repair and startup

At Sposato Irrigation, knowledge is power; we are a powerhouse of knowledge when talking about irrigation! This means we can get on to a site, identify an issue, and resolve it quickly without racking up hours bumbling around on your tab.

We keep our team of experts consistently at the top of our trade, consistently training with them several times a year on new components, testing equipment, maintenance, and water conservation techniques.

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