The Difference Between Drip Lines, Spray Heads, and Rotors

The Difference Between Drip Lines, Spray Heads, and Rotors

Choose the right sprinkler system for your landscape!

An irrigation system could be your property’s ticket for achieving a better landscape. Why water a lawn or a garden by hand when you can invest in an irrigation system that virtually pays for itself over the years? Not only will it help you save money on water, but it will also save you a lot of time. When it comes to purchasing the right sprinkler system, you have a few options. A few of which include drip lines, spray heads and rotors.

Drip Lines

There may be certain areas of a landscape should not be exposed to a powerful stream of water brought on by a standard sprinkler head. An example of such are gardens with delicate flowers. This is an area that can benefit from a drip irrigation system. Drip lines will provide an area with a steady supply of water to an area without causing damage to plant life.  Also, drip lines generally save water by putting water to the roots and not where it’s not needed.

Spray Heads

These types of heads are rather small and spray water in a fan-shaped pattern. Sprays are good for small turf areas and use different nozzles for different patterns and distance. Also good for landscape beds for plants that don’t mind overhead water. Generally speaking, the nozzles are interchangeable. The nozzles are very similar in appearance to a standard shower nozzle. There are different nozzles will change how the water is thrown. For example, if you have a full circle nozzle and realize that is too powerful for your garden, you can swap it out for a ½ circle nozzle. They generally need at least 20 PSI of water pressure to work.


Rotors can be characterized as multiple sprinklers which functions by rotating streams of water in a constant, repetitive motion over a landscape. The number of heads per zone depends on water supply. Rotors are best for large turf areas and are somewhat adjustable. Many people are familiar with the impact rotor sprinkler that moves back and forth while shooting out bursts of water. Older styles of rotors give off a loud ticking sound when they are operating; however, newer models of gear rotors are much quieter.

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