What is Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting, Exactly?

What is Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting, Exactly?

What is Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting, Exactly?

As you consider the lighting on your property, let’s discuss the basics of low-voltage outdoor lighting.

When some people think of outdoor lighting systems, they think of the flimsy solar-powered path lights available at any big box store. While some homeowners certainly use these products, there are more durable, reliable, and customizable options available. Low-voltage outdoor lighting is one such option, and a reputable landscape lighting contractor like Sposato Irrigation can help you transform your property with a custom low-voltage outdoor lighting system. So, as you consider the lighting on your property, let’s discuss the basics of low-voltage outdoor lighting.

Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting is Wired to a Transformer

Unlike some DIY solar-powered systems you’ll find at big box stores, a professionally installed low-voltage outdoor lighting system is wired to a transformer on your property. While this can sound intimidating, a transformer is really just a machine that converts the 120 volts that comes out of a standard power outlet into a lower voltage (typically 12 to 15 VAC) that a low-voltage lighting system can actually use. By installing a fully wired system instead of multiple solar- or battery-powered individual units, homeowners can better control when their lights turn on. Low-voltage systems also have safety benefits associated with using a lower voltage.

Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting Uses Durable, Long-Lasting Fixtures

While it can be tempting to grab some string lights or a six-pack of cheap walkway lights online, the benefits of springing for a professionally installed low-voltage outdoor lighting system are significant. For starters, the equipment itself is designed for prolonged outdoor use. This means that the risks of electric shock, malfunctioning components, and other hazards are drastically reduced. In addition, outdoor lighting fixtures are designed to withstand the weather, animals, and dirt they will come into contact with throughout their lifetime. Investing in a low-voltage outdoor lighting system may be a bit more costly upfront than a slapdash DIY job, but homeowners can rest assured that their professionally installed systems are built to last.

Perks of Low-Voltage Systems

The benefits of low-voltage systems aren’t just practical; these systems are incredibly versatile in terms of aesthetics, allowing home and business owners to create the unique atmosphere they want for their properties. Lighting fixtures for these systems come in a wide range of colors, materials, and mounting options. The expertise and lighting design know-how offered by the team at Sposato Irrigation is simply irreplaceable. If your property could use a bit of brightness, contact us today!

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